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Computing Facilities

The University’s IT infrastructure provides high speed connection to appropriate services and the Internet through a number of high performance local area networks (LAN), using 1 hybrid GB backbone built with copper and fibre optics cables.

Computer facilities of the University cater to the needs of Computer Science students, as well as to students of other programmes and research. The Computer Centre is equipped with the hardware needed to support teaching and research in areas of expertise within the University. There are 16 laboratories in the Campus. 14 labs are equipped with modern PC compatible computers which are being updated every 2 years. There is at least one network printer for each lab. One of the labs is equipped with Apple Macintosh iMac and e-Mac computers, Α4 and slide scanners, colour laser printer, A1 plotter and digital video cameras, for design and multimedia development. The design lab is equipped with 3D printer, A3 colour printer and A1 plotter. The SUN Lab is equipped with modern Sun Ultra 20 workstations, assigned primarily for senior Computer Science students.

All the computers in the computer labs are connected to the Local Area Network (LAN) to share services of 10 servers assigned for studies and student research only. All computer labs are connected to the Internet with the summary bandwidth over 30 Mbits/s. Wi-Fi networks are available in all public areas. The software library of the University includes UNIX (Solaris and Linux) operating systems; Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database management systems, various software development tools, Office automation and other software, which is all available to the students.

The total capacity of all University computer labs is reaching 483 workstations. The labs are managed by specialists and during peak hours trained assistants are on duty. Senior Computer Science and Computer Engineering students can be employed at the Computer Centre as lab assistants on a part-time basis.

All University students are automatically enrolled in the Microsoft Live@Edu service that provides them with an e-Mail account, Internet storage and various communication and collaboration tools.

For more information on the University’s computer facilities, visit the Computer Centre.