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Guidelines for Documenting a Physical Disability

The University of Nicosia acknowledges that it is its proactive duty to serve the educational needs of all its students. As such it is committed to providing equal opportunities for people with disabilities in accordance with the policy of the University by doing its utmost to secure the necessary means, facilities and personnel.

To enable us to support each one of our students we will need individualized information. To facilitate this process submit a physician’s report to the Health and Safety Office, room B12, Main Building. The report should comprise of the following:

I. General Information

  • Submit either the original report or a True Copy
  • The report should be on a physician’s letterhead, dated and signed
  • Language: English and / or Greek

II. Specialist Information

The assessment should be conducted by a qualified professional. This will vary according to the condition. Make sure to include the full credentials of the qualified professional (name, title, and professional credentials - including information about license or certification).

III. Information the Specialist should include

  • The name of the student
  • The name of the condition
  • The severity of the condition
  • How long the condition is expected to persist, does it go in remissions, is it acute or chronic
  • How the condition may impact the student’s ability to carry out activities related to his University attendance (see section IV)
  • Any other relevant information the physician believes to be relevant

IV. Recommendations

Part or all of this report might be provided to lecturers teaching a student with a physical disability. As such the qualified professional should make recommendations as to the kind of support the student will need (e.g. sit in the front of the room, be aware of any somatic symptoms, etc.).

V. Recent Assessment

The report must provide adequate information about the student’s current level of functioning. If such information is missing and/or outdated, the student may be asked to provide a more recent or complete assessment.