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Emergency Information and Procedures

General Information

In the event of an Emergency while the switchboard is staffed, please dial 0 internally, or 22841500 externally. Inform the Receptionist, giving an indication of the nature of the emergency, including the exact location of the incident, i.e. the building, floor and room number.  The Receptionist will summon the appropriate Emergency Services.

During times when the switchboard is not staffed, dial 112 on any telephone and inform the operator of the emergency services required, i.e. fire, police or ambulance.  Ensure the exact location of the incident is specified, i.e. Campus, building, room number, nearest entrance, etc.

The Main Reception is staffed as follows:

  • Monday – Friday: 07:30 – 21:00 hours
  • Saturday:               08:00 – 13:00 hours

Important Note: If you need to act in an emergency, do remember above all, that the main response should be to save life, without putting yourself at risk: saving property, whether yours or anyone else’s, is of secondary importance.

Reporting Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences

This policy outlines the procedures that are to be adopted when any member of faculty, staff, student or public experience an accident, incident or dangerous occurrence on the University premises.  For the purposes of this policy, a brief definition and example of an accident and an incident are given below:


Accident:  an unplanned event that may cause injury to persons, damage to property or a combination of both.  Examples include: a fall resulting in a fracture, incorrect operation of machinery leading to a breakdown.

Incident: an unplanned event that does not cause injury or damage but could do so. Examples include: items falling near personnel, short-circuits on electrical equipment.

Accident File

All accidents/incidents must be recorded in a University Accident File.  This is located in the Office of the Health & Safety Officer: it contains information that must be recorded under law.  Senior Management regularly reviews the Accident File. This review is in addition to an individual investigation of the circumstances surrounding each accident/incident.

Accident/Incident Forms

In addition to completing an entry in the Accident File, an Accident/Incident Form must be completed.  It is important that not just accidents but all incidents including near misses are reported.  By analysing the returns common trends or obvious problems can be rectified.

Reporting of Accidents

  1. In the event of an accident please contact the nearest Faculty and/or staff member or the Main Reception in order for a 1st Aider to attend to you immediately. 
  2. As soon as the injuries are treated you will sign the Accident/Incident Form.