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UNISKO Orientation Programme

As a new student, you are bound to have questions. Participate in our one month orientation programme and you wil get the right answers!

UNISKO (University Skills Orientation programme)  is designed especially for you, helping to uncover the answers to the questions you have and providing you information about campus life, programmes of study and services of the University. Additionally, the orientation is an opportunity for you to learn how to navigate campus. During the orientation,  you will begin to build a network of people that will help you to start your UNic journey on the right path. Additionally, during UNISKO you will learn tips from students, faculty and staff who will serve as your guides during your time at the University of Nicosia.

You will also find out more about:

  • English Classes
  • University Departments&Offices
  • Student Clubs and Societies
  • Sports Activities
  • Day Trips
  • Seminars/Workshops
  • Events and Activities
  • And many more!

We look forward to meeting you! Be prepared to meet new people, make new friends and celebrate and enjoy the beginning of your new life!

For more information please click here or contact the Student Affairs Department at tel.: 22 842 150 or via email: