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About Distance Learning

We offer 28 innovative distance learning programmes at Bachelor and Master level, and use the most up-to-date technologies and state-of-the-art learning design theory to deliver our courses.

An integral part of our approach to the learning design of these courses is our commitment to help our students develop higher-order skills of critical analysis, reflection,  and problem-solving. We also support our learners in building knowledge collaboratively and engaging in social learning.

As a testament to the quality of our online programmes, our University has been awarded the highest accolades for e-learning and distance learning education excellence.

EFQUEL Certification

Our University has been awarded the "UNIQUe Certification for Quality in e-learning and Excellence in use of ICT in Higher Education", by the European Foundation for Quality in e-Learning (EFQUEL). EFQUEL is one of the main European bodies that assesses/certifies distance learning education. It is a pioneer in the modernisation process of Higher Education in Europe and, more specifically, in the introduction of technology in education, as well as quality assurance.

The UNIQUe Certification is one of two existing European quality assessment awards regarding Distance Learning/e-Learning Education, with only a few universities having
received this. The award confirms the quality standards, as well as the strategy, infrastructure, expertise and human resources required for the excellent delivery of distance learning/e-learning programmes.

EADTU E-xcellence Award

Our University was also awarded the "E-xcellence Label", by the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU). 

EADTU is Europe's leading institutional association in Online, Open and Flexible Higher Education, and is at the heart of the modernisation agenda of European universities. Growing from its 11 founding members in 10 European nations, EADTU now has a membership of 15 institutions and 14 national associations across 25 nations. Its membership covers over 200 universities and around 3 million students. 

The E-xcellence quality benchmarking instrument supports universities in enhancing their Online, Open and Flexible Education at the programme, faculty and institutional level. By joining the E-xcellence Associates in Quality, our University is recognised as operating in a continuous process of improving our e-learning performance. By achieving this label, UNIC demonstrates that it offers quality controlled e-learning and keeps abreast of the latest developments.

The importance of the above bodies, as well as the significance of the awards they bestow, is demonstrated by their collaboration with the European Association of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) on the research project SEQUENT (Supporting Quality in E-Learning European Networks). SEQUENT aims to promote quality distance learning/e-learning education and the adoption of European Standards and Guidelines (ESG). The fact that the European Standards and Guidelines have been developed by the E4 Group (ENQA, EUA, EURASHE and ESU) further highlights the importance of the EFQUEL and EADTU awards.