Social Work Programme

Welcome to the Social Work Programme at the University of Nicosia

Social Work addresses the multiple, complex transactions between people and their environments. Its mission is to enable people, groups and communities to develop their full potential, earn social and economic justice, and prevent dysfunction. It is focused on problem solving and progressive social change. As such, professional social workers are change-agents in societies and catalysts in the lives of the individuals, families, groups and communities they serve.

The Unic Social Work Programme is designed in line with doctrinal and operational educational standards, which reflect a modern approach to Social Work - an applied social science with its own principles, values, theory and practice methodology. Originally, the Social Work Programme was established at Intercollege in 2005 as a new academic course within the School of Humanities, Social Sciences, & Law. Since then the Programme has been growing steadily in terms of students and academic performance.

The Social Work Programme takes account of contemporary social risks and needs that bring into question the adequacy of traditional policies to promote social policy and social protection, cultural diversity and to strengthen the empowerment of individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.

The ultimate goal of the Social Work Programme is to educate and train Social Work professionals, who demonstrate the values and ethics of the profession and practitioners, who are competent for generalist social work practice of the BSW level.

The degree in Social Work will be awarded to students who are able to:
- use theoretical frameworks to review, consolidate and extend their knowledge and critically evaluate arguments, assumptions or make judgements;
- conceptual understand of the forms & mechanisms of oppression and discrimination against excluded individuals, groups and communities;
- evaluate their own evidence-based interventions;
- enhance self evaluation in relation to their chosen field of practice;

The Programme Graduates are able to follow a career in:
- Social Welfare Services
- NGOs (more than 310 programmes)
- Police Units
- Schools
- Local Authorities (forthcoming reformation)
- Private organisations
- Hospitals
- Mental Health
- Church diaconal services
- Prison
- Crèches and Nurseries
- Children’s Homes
- Day Care Centres for Elderly people
- Cyprus Youth Board
- Semi-governmental Organisations
- Community work for young offenders
- Personal Social Services (for the elderly and the disabled, for children and adolescents)