Farid Mirbagheri

Farid Mirbagheri is a professor of International Relations. He graduated from Keele University, England, where he earned his BA and PhD in International Relations. He currently holds the Dialogue Chair in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Nicosia and is the Director of Research at the Centre for World Dialogue in the same city. His areas of interest include inter alia the Middle East, war and peace in Islam and Sufism & political philosophy. He is a reviewer inter alia for Review of  International Studies, Roundtable, The Cyprus Review. Writer of many articles his book on International Peacemaking in Cyprus was published by Hurst & Co. in the UK and Routledge in the US and Canada in 1998. A Historical Dictionary of Cyprus, his second major work on Cyprus, came out by Scarecrow Press in October 2009. His other books, Islam and the Middle East: An Insight into and Theory of Islamic Praxis (ed.) by the University of Nicosia Press and Education for Sustainable Development (co-ed.) by Sage came out in 2009 and 2010 respectively. He is currently finishing a book on ‘War and Peace in Islam’ for Palgrave (2010).