Welcome Message

Dear student or visitor,

Welcome to the web site of the School of Sciences and Engineering at the University of Nicosia. On behalf of the faculty, I invite you to explore what the School has to offer and to find out for yourself why we are so proud to be an important component of the most reputable and popular private university on the island. As you visit our web site, you will find some of the unique features of our institution. You will find an internationally-trained faculty with a commitment to innovative, high-quality teaching and research within their disciplines. You will find a diverse group of students from around the world whose experiences further enrich the academic environment. And you will find out about the value and recognition that our programmes enjoy in both the local but also the wider community.

We are excited about our academic offerings and invite you to spend a few minutes getting to know our School better. In keeping up with the scientific and technological needs of the 21st century the School of Sciences and Engineering has taken an interdisciplinary approach in offering academic programmes which will help students to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge, to learn how to discover new knowledge and to become lifelong learners for a productive and rewarding career development. If you would like to study towards an academic or professional career in the Sciences and Engineering you have visited the right site.

The School of Sciences and Engineering is one of Cyprus’ few resources of education in the fields of science and engineering. Organizationally, our School consists of two departments, namely: (a) Computer Science, and (b) Engineering. The Department of Computer Science offers programs in Computer Science (BSc, MSc, PhD) and in Data Science (BSc, MSc).  The MSc in Computer Science and the MSc in Data Science are offered through Distance Learning. The MSc in Computer Science is also offered face-to-face. The  Department of Engineering offers programs in the disciplines of Computer Engineering (BSc), Electrical Engineering (BSc, MSc, PhD), Civil & Environmental Engineering (BSc), Mechanical Engineering (BSc), Oil & Gas Engineering (BSc) and Oil, Gas and Energy Engineering (MSc, PhD).

As a student in the School of Sciences and Engineering you should aim high. You should be proud of your chosen field of study. You should attend classes consistently, study regularly and work hard on homework problems and assignments. You should be prepared to challenge your instructors with questions during the lecture and even afterwards when you see them during office hours. Working hard in order to earn good grades is just one aspect of University education. There are some other aspects as well which are often overlooked. Attend as many seminars as you can – both Departments in our School organize a series of seminars throughout the academic year. Very often what you hear in these seminars is complimentary to what you are offered in your undergraduate curriculum. You get to hear about cutting edge research, new techniques, and new technologies. Your interest in a specific area may just get sparked by attending a seminar. From a seminar, you may even get ideas for pursuing postgraduate studies. What’s definitely certain is that by attending seminars your knowledge and experience are broadened.

Students are represented in all bodies of the University. It is very important to know who your representatives to these bodies are, talk to them on a regular basis and pass to them issues which you would like them to raise and probably solutions you may have to suggest. Change is not possible unless you really get involved! I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that as a student you have both rights and responsibilities. Make an effort to find out what are these rights and responsibilities. The student intranet and the University web site are very good sources of information.

Another aspect of University life is extracurricular activities. Attending extracurricular activities is as important as attending a classroom and other curricular commitments. Get involved with extracurricular activities – join a club or society or even take the challenge to form a new one! Attend various student and other events both on campus and off campus. Get to meet people – expand your network. Get to know about other peoples, other cultures, other civilizations. You may not have a better chance to do this – we are lucky enough to have students from over 100 countries in our University!

I wish you every success in your chosen field of study and a rewarding and fruitful time at the University of Nicosia.

Dr George Gregoriou
Dean of the School of Sciences and Engineering