Join Unic IEEE Student Branch

Once you become an IEEE Student Member you are automatically a member of Unic IEEE Student Branch. Our Student Branch warmly accepts all students, no matter what is their field of study. Most of our events are offered to all students irrespective of their status as IEEE members; however, IEEE Student Members will receive more benefits. This includes:

Student Branch events
IEEE student members will receive priority and discounts to participate in the events organized by our branch. Further, we try to tailor our events based on members’ interest.

Personal Development
IEEE opens the door to opportunities that will help you develop your professional identity by improving communication and leadership skills and thinking from a new perspective. In addition, you will make global connections with people who can help you along your targeted career path. At Unic IEEE Student Branch, we are always looking for enthusiastic students to get involved and lead the Branch into the future. To be involved in any roles, you must be a member first.

Project Support
If you ever had an exciting project in mind and have the capacity to follow through with it, creating it with IEEE can be very advantageous, as branding may help the professionalism of your project, help with receiving funding, and receive help to advertise and recruit team members.