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Department of Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences offers competitive programmes in a range of sought-after areas in the disciplines of Psychology, Social Work, and Criminology. The department has always been a pioneer in its field of expertise in Cyprus, where it established the first postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychology, the first university mental health training clinic (KESY), and the first postgraduate degree in Criminology. We provide an innovative education for future mental health professionals, which ensures that they will have a significant and positive impact in people’s lives, empowering individuals, families, groups, and communities at large. Faculty are highly involved in industry, practice, research, and policy making, participating in key organisations in their field, both nationally and internationally (EU and UN bodies). With a modern teaching approach to contemporary psychosocial issues and a strong research-oriented curriculum, you will acquire critical knowledge, skills, and conceptual understanding that will enable you to become a catalyst for change in these sectors.


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