Welcome Message

I welcome you to the website of the School of Education. Through the website you can be informed about the programs offered by the School, the Research and Teaching Faculty and the ongoing research activities and interests.

Functioning in a knowledge and information society, the School of Education sets the path for a “new” education so that the graduates of the program will be ready to effectively confront the challenges of the 21st century.

The faculty’s concern is the implementation of flexible and scientifically formed programs of study. These programs are taught by specialized personnel and they enable students to respond effectively to the needs of the globalized society and the complex reality we experience today.

A UNESCO chair has been established in the School of Education entitled “Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue for a Culture of Peace”. The Chair is a step towards culture and peace for Cyprus and it guarantees a democratic education and high quality without stereotypes and social prejudices.

What is special of the School of Education is the quality of graduate education at both the Masters and Doctoral level. Three variables define this quality. Firstly, the faculty who teach graduate courses come from Cyprus and Greece and are well known authorities in the areas of their specialization. Secondly, students who are admitted in the program enjoy high academic standing in their undergraduate study. Thirdly, the University provides students rich library resources, suitable designed seminar space and teaching rooms equipped with modern educational technology. Through the program students acquire, on the one hand, deep knowledge in the area of their specialization and, on the other hand, research skills and competences. As a result, the graduates of the program manage to be appointed into high level positions in the educational system, in tertiary education and in research centers as well as function as agents of new ideas in education and catalysts of innovation in education.

The culture of the program is such that it leads to communities of practice. The faculty who teach in the program work together and along with students. A limited number of graduate students are appointed as Teaching Assistants, while some others collaborate with faculty members on research projects.

Elena Papanastasiou
Dean, School of Education