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Contents: Volume 21 and onwards

Volume 21:1 Spring 2009

20th Anniversary Issue


  • Introduction:
    • Nicos Peristianis, pp. 15-16
  • Articles:
    • Anna M. Agathangelou and Kyle D. Killian, The Discourse of Refugee Trauma: Epistemologies of the Displaced, the State, and Mental Health Practitioners, pp. 19-58
    • Maria Hadjipavlou, Trans-Border Crossings: Cypriot Women’s ‘Liberation’ and the Margins, pp. 59-80
    • Keith Webb and A.J.R. Groom, Settlements in Unended Conflicts: The Case of Cyprus, pp. 81-96
    • Giorgos Charalambous, The February 2008 Presidential Election in the Republic of Cyprus: The Context, Dynamics and Outcome in Perspective, pp. 97-122
    • Andreas Avgousti, The Indigenous Foreigner: British Policy in Cyprus 1963-1965, pp. 123-144
    • Elizabeth H. Doering, With a Spray Can in Lefkosia/Lefkosha: Murals, Graffiti and Identity, pp. 145-172
  • Essay and Research Notes:
    • Zenon Stavrinides, Dementia Cypria: On the Social Psychological Environment of the Inter-communal Negotiations, pp. 175-186
    • Arne Strand, The Smaller Issues Complicating the Larger Picture, pp. 187-192
    • Andreas P. Kyriacou, Property Rights and the Cyprus Problem: Insights from Economics and Social Psychology, pp. 193-198
  • Bibliography:

    • Research and Publications on Cyprus 2006-2008, pp. 201-212

    • Index of Articles published in The Cyprus Review 1989-2008, pp. 213-234

  • Book Reviews:

    • A Rebellion Betrayed, by Themos Demetriou and Sotiris Vlahos (Andreas Panayiotou), pp. 237-240

    • Cyprus 1974: Greek Coup and Turkish Invasion, by Makarios Drousiotis (Claude Nicolet), pp. 241-244

    • The EU and Conflict Resolutions: Promoting Peace in the Backyard, by Nathalie Tocci (James Ker-Lindsay), pp. 245-248

    • A Functional Cyprus Settlement: The Constitutional Dimension, by Tim Potier (Nicos Trimikliniotis), pp. 249-253

    • Iron in the Soul: Displacement, Livelihood and Health in Cyprus, by Peter Loizos (Yiannis Papadakis and Nicos Philippou), pp. 255-257

    • Spanish Politics: Democracy after Dictatorship, by Omar Encarnacion (Iosif Kovras), pp. 259-261

    • Closing or Widening the Gap? Legitimacy and Democracy in Regional Integration Organisations, by Anna de Vleuten and Andrea Ribeiro Hoffman (Daniel C. Bach), pp. 263-264


Volume 21:2 Fall 2009

(Including Guest Edited Section on Some Reflections on 5 Years of EU Membership by Heinz-Juergen Axt)



  • Articles:

    • Andreas Constandinos, Britain, America and the Sovereign Base Areas from 1960-1978, pp. 13-36

    • Gianfabrizio Ladini, Peacebuilding, United Nations and Civil Society: The Case of Cyprus, pp. 37-61

  • Some Reflections on 5 Years of EU Membership
    • Guest Edited by Heinz-Juergen Axt
  • Introduction:

    • Heinz-Juergen Axt, Introduction, pp.65-68

    • Heinz-Juergen Axt, Cyprus: Conflict Resolution through Europeanisation? Most Recent Experiences and Perspectives, pp. 69-89

    • Costas Melakopides, The EU’s Role in the Cyprus Question, pp. 91-113

    • Christina Ioannou, Giorgos Kentas, The Mediating Impact of Corporatism on the Europeanisation of the Cypriot Labour Sector, pp. 115-135

  • Essay and Research Notes:

    • Erol Kaymak, Cyprus and the European Union, pp. 139-143

  • Book Reviews:

    • Crisis and Conciliation: A Year of Rapprochement between Greece and Turkey, by James Ker-Lindsay (Bahar Rumelili), pp. 147-148

    • Cyprus at War: Diplomacy and Conflict during the 1974 Crisis, by Jan Asmussen (Alexis Heraclides), pp149-151

    • Labour Migration from Turkey to Western Europe, 1960-1974. A Multidisciplinary Analysis, by Ahmet Akgunduz (Heidi Armbruster), pp. 153-155

    • The Government and Politics of Cyprus, edited by James Ker-Lindsay and Hubert Faustmann (Andrekos Varnava), pp. 157-161


 Volume 22:1 Spring 2010


  • Articles:

    • Phoebus Athanassiou, The Status of the ‘TRNC’ through the Prism of Recent Legal Developments: Towards Furtive Recognition?, pp. 15-38

    • Michalinos Zembylas, Critical Discourse Analysis of Multiculturalism and Intercultural Education Policies in the Republic of Cyprus, pp. 39-59

    • Maria Georgiou and Elizabeth Meins, Relations between Peer Attachment, Self-esteem, and Perceived Parental Bonding in Greek Cypriot and British Young Adults, pp. 61-77

    • Andrekos Varnava, Reinterpreting Macmillan’s Cyprus Policy, 1957-1960, pp. 79-106

    • Hans Ruediger Kaufmann, Marios Christou and Christophoros Christophorou, Cyprus as EU-Location for Asset-Protection, pp. 107-128

    • Lambros Philippou, The Cypriot Paradox: The Communist Way towards Political Liberalism, pp. 129-149

  • Essay and Research Notes:

    • Birol Yesilada, Craig Webster, Nicos Peristianis and Harry Anastasiou, World Values Survey in Cyprus 1006: A Research Note, pp. 153-167

  • Bibliography:

    • Research and Publications on Cyprus 2009, pp. 171-182

    • Plus omissions from earlier 2006-2008 list, pp. 182-188

  • Book Reviews:

    • The Broken Olive Branch: Nationalism, Ethnic Conflict and the Quest for Peace in Cyprus (2 Vols.),by Harry Anastasiou (Chrysostomos Pericleous), pp. 191-193

    • British Imperialism in Cyprus 1878-1915: The Inconsequential Possession, by Andrekos Varnava (Murat Erdal Ilican), pp. 195-196

    • Democratisation and the Prevention of Violent Conflict: Lessons Learned from Bulgaria and Macedonia, by Jenny Engstrom (Isabelle Ioannides), pp. 197-198

    • Mediterranean Crossings: The Politics of an Interrupted Modernity, by Iain Chambers (Rebecca Bryant), pp. 199-201

    • Το Δημοψήφισμα του 2004: Το περιφερειακό και διεθνές περιβάλλον, ηπρόσληψητηςλύσης, καιησυγκυρία [The Referendum of 2004: The Regional and International Context, the Reception of a Solution, and the Time Conjecture], by Chrysostomos Pericleous (Gregoris Ioannou), pp. 203-205

    • The Europeanization of Cyprus Polity, Policies and Politics, by Angelos Sepos (Hubert Faustmann), pp. 207-210


Volume 22:2 Fall 2010

The State of Cyprus: Fifty Years after Independence

(Guest Edited by Costas M. Constantinou)


  • Introduction:

    • Costas M. Constantinou, Cypriot In-dependence and the Problem of Sovereignty, pp. 17 – 33

  • Articles:

  • PART A: The State of Independence

    • Vassos Argyrou, Independent Cyprus? Postcoloniality and the Spectre of Europe, pp. 39 – 47

    • Robert Holland, Hubert Faustmann, Independence Day through the Colonial Eye: A View from the British Archive, pp. 49 – 60

    • Yiannis Papadakis, Reflections on the 1st October Commemoration of the Independence of Cyprus, pp. 61 – 66

    • James Ker-Lindsay, Shifting Alignments: The External Orientations of Cyprus since Independence, pp. 67 – 74

    • Vassilis K. Fouskas, The Realism of Utopia: Towards an Anti-Nationalist Critique of Imperial Policy in Cyprus, 1960-2010, pp. 75 – 85

    • Nicos Trimikliniotis, Umut Bozkurt, Rethinking Cypriot State Formations, pp. 87 – 110

  • PART B: Conflicts, Interventions, Contestations
    • Rebecca Bryant, The State of Cypriot Silences, pp. 113 – 122
    • Diana Markides, The Politics of Honour and the Greek Divide at Cypriot Independence, pp. 123 – 138
    • Tozun Bahcheli, Sid Noel, The Political Evolution of Northern Cyprus and its Effect on Turkish-Cypriot Relations with Turkey, pp. 139 – 148
    • Farid Mirbagheri, The United Nations and the Cyprus Problem, pp. 149 – 158
    • Michael Attalides, The Accession of Cyprus to the EU and the ‘Acquis’ of the Inter-communal Negotiations, pp. 159 – 174
    • Thomas Diez, Nathalie Tocci, The Cyprus Conflict and the Ambiguous Effects of Europeanization, pp. 175 – 186
  • PART C: The Role of Local Actors and Institutions

    • Marios Sarris, Organisation and Divisions in the Orthodox Church in Cyprus: Post-Independence Events and Changes in Context, pp. 189 – 204

    • Andrekos Varnava, The State of Cypriot Minorities: Cultural Diversity, Internal-Exclusion and the Cyprus ‘Problem’, pp. 205 – 218

    • Stavroula Philippou, Eleftherios Klerides, On Continuity and Change in National Identity Construction: An Initial Note on Greek-Cypriot Education, 1960-2010, pp. 219 – 233

    • Christophoros Christophorou, Greek Cypriot Media Development and Politics, pp. 235 – 245

    • Maria Hadjipavlou, Biran Mertan, Cypriot Feminism: An Opportunity to Challenge Gender Inequalities and Promote Women’s Rights and a Different Voice, pp. 247 – 268

    • Hubert Faustmann, Rusfeti and Political Patronage in the Republic of Cyprus, pp. 269 – 289

    • Julie Scott, Escaping the Polarising Gaze – Gambling Spaces in Cyprus, pp. 291 – 300

    • Appendix, Cyprus: Inauguration of the Republic, pp. 303 – 306

  • Book Reviews:

    • Resolving the Cyprus Conflict: Negotiating History, by Michalis Stavrou Michael (Chrysostomos Pericleous), pp. 309 – 311

    • Zypern und der Vordere Orient im 19. Jahrhundert. Die LevantIm Fokus von Politik und Wissenschaft der europäischen Staaten [Cyprus in the Near East in the 19th Century. The Levante in the Focus of Politics and Science of European States] (in German), edited by Sabine Rogge (Heinz A. Richter), pp. 313 – 315


Volume 23:1 Spring 2011


  • Articles:

    • Andreas Constantinos, US – British Policy on Cyprus, 1964-1974, pp. 17-48

    • Demetrios Nicolaides, Applying Conflict Transformation in Cyprus: A Neo-Functional Approach, pp. 49-63

    • Christina Hajisoteriou, From Nation-Building to Europeanisation: The Influence of History on Greek-Cypriot Education, pp. 65-79

    • Loucia Demetriou, Paul Christodoulides, Personality and Psychological Adjustment of Greek-Cypriot Youth in the Context of the Parental Acceptance-Rejection Theory, pp. 81-96

    • Achilles Emilianides, Constantinos Adamides, Evi Eftychiou, Allocation of Religious Space in Cyprus, pp. 97-121

    • Galatia Theodosiou-Zipiti, Mel West, Iasonas Lamprianou, Attainment of Ethnic Minority Secondary School Students in Cyprus, pp. 123-144

  • Essay and Research Notes:

    • Andrekos Varnava, Why the Latest Initiative to Reunify Cyprus will Fail: The Six Pillars of the Cyprus ‘Problem’ and the Impregnable Roof, pp. 147-154

    • William Mallinson, Foreign Policy Issues of a Part-Occupied EU State, pp. 155-160

  • Bibliography:

    • Research and Publications on Cyprus 2010, pp. 163-177

  • Book Reviews:

    • Military Intelligence in Cyprus: From the Great War to Middle East Crisis, by Panagiotis Dimitrakis (Murat Erdal Ilican), pp. 181-183

    • Reunifying Cyprus: The Annan Plan and Beyond, edited by Andrekos Varnava and Hubert Faustmann (Lisa Dikomitis), pp. 185-187

    • Mussolini’s Greek Island: Fascism and the Italian Occupation of Syros in World War II, by Sheila Lecoeur (Anastasia Yiangou), pp. 189-191

    • From the President’s Office: A Journey towards Reconciliation in a Divided Cyprus, by George Vassiliou (Helen O’Shea), pp. 193-195

    • Deconstructing Sexuality in the Middle East, edited by Pinar Ilkkaracan (Anna M. Agathangelou), pp. 197-200 


Volume 23:2 Fall 2011

British Colonial Cyprus

(Guest Edited by Rebecca Bryant)


  • Introduction:

    • Rebecca Bryant, pp. 15-17

  • Articles:

    • Roger Heacock, The Framing of Empire: Cyprus and Cypriots through British Eyes, 1878-1960, pp. 21-37

    • Eleni Bouleti, The Muslim Community on Cyprus and British Colonial Policy, 1878-1915: The Significance of the Cyprus Evkaf in the Colonisation Process, pp. 39-56

    • Alexis Rappas, The Uncharted World of Cypriot Colonial Servants and the Ideological Foundations of British Rule, pp. 57-76

    • Altay Nevzat, Ronald Storrs and Misirlizade Necati: The Governor’s Encounter with the ‘Thirteenth Greek’, pp. 77-107

    • Demetris Assos, Conspiracy Theories and the Decolonisation of Cyprus under the Weight of Historical Evidence, 1955 – 1959, pp. 109-125

    • Jan Asmussen, Conspiracy Theories and Cypriot History: The Comfort of Commonly Perceived Enemies, pp. 127-145

  • Book Reviews:

    • Sweet and Bitter Island: A History of the British in Cyprus, by Tabitha Morgan (Andrekos Varnava), pp. 149-154

    • Colonial Cyprus 1878-1960 - Selected Readings, edited by Emilios Solomou and Hubert Faustmann (Diana Markides), pp. 155-158

    • Independent Cyprus 1960-2010 - Selected Readings, edited by Hubert Faustmann and Emilios Solomou (Michalis Attalides), pp. 159-165

    • A Concise History of Modern Cyprus, 1878-2009, by Heinz Richter (Andreas Constandinos), pp. 167-169


Volume 24:1 Spring 2012


  • Articles:

    • Yiannos Katsourides, Composition, Recruitment and Career Patterns of the Political Elite in Cyprus (1988-2010), pp. 15-37

    • Direnc Kanol, Explaining Green Party Absence in Northern Cyprus, pp. 39-54

    • Thorsten Kruse, Cyprus and the Two German States – ‘Class Struggle’ in the Eastern Mediterranean, pp. 55-69

    • Costas Melakopides(with Marina Salvaridi), The ‘Pragmatic Idealism’ of Russia’s Post-Cold War Policy towards Cyprus, pp. 71-97

    • Galatia Theodosiou-Zipiti, Mel West, Attainment Gap – The Teacher Perspective, pp. 99-117

    • Anna Valanidou, Jane Jones, Teaching Greek in Multicultural, Primary Classrooms: Teachers’ Perceptions of the Challenges in Four Greek-Cypriot Primary Schools, pp. 119-145

    • Haritini Tsangari, Stephania P. Stephanidi, Conciliation of Motherhood and Career among Cypriot Women, pp. 147-168

  • Bibliography:

    • Research and Publications on Cyprus 2011, pp. 171-182

  • Book Reviews:

    • Re-Envisioning Cyprus, edited by Peter Loizos, Nicos Philippou and Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert (Paul Gibbs), pp. 185-186

    • Britain and Cyprus: Key Themes and Documents since World War II, by William Mallinson (Andreas Karyos), pp. 187-188

    • Conflict Hot Spots: Emergence, Causes and Consequences by Alex Braithwaite (Odysseas Christou), pp. 189-190


Volume 24:2 Fall 2012


  • Articles:
    • Filippos Proedrou. Re-conceptualising the Energy and Security Complex in the Eastern Mediterranean, pp. 15 – 28
    • Sophia Dingli, The Politics of (Re)Unification: Lessons from Yemen for Cyprus, pp.  29 – 46
    • Antigone Heraclidou, Making a British Atmosphere in Cyprus, 1931-1939: A ‘Coup D’état’ on Greek-Cypriot Elementary Education? pp. 47 – 72
    • Angelos Constantinou, Kyriaki Lambrianidou, An Empirical Test of Hirschi’s Social Control Theory of: Delinquency: Cypriot Criminal Youths in Nicosia, pp. 73 – 94
    • Sophie Papastavrou, Decolonising the Cypriot Woman: Moving beyond the Rhetoric of the Cyprus Problem, pp. 95 – 108
    • Thomael M. Joannidis, Identity in Conflict: An Exploration of Gender across Ethnicity in Cyprus, pp. 109 – 124
  • Essay and Research Notes:
    • Constantine Partasides, Cyprus: The Courage to Compromise, pp. 127 – 135
  • Book Reviews:
    • The EU and Cyprus: Principles and Strategies of Full Integration, by Stephanie Laulhé Shaelou (Phoebus Athanassiou), pp. 139 – 142
    • New Security Frontiers: Critical Energy and the Resource Challenge, edited by Sai Felicia Krishna-Hensel (Filippos Proedrou), pp. 143 – 146
    • Cyprus in World War II: Politics and Conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean, by Anastasia Yiangou (Andrekos Varnava), pp. 147 – 150


Volume 25:1 Spring 2013

Special Issue Dedicated to the Memory of Peter Loizos

  • Preface:

    • Olga Demetriou, In Memory of Peter Loizos, pp. 15-21   

  • Articles:

    • Peter Loizos (with assistance of Egli Pittaka, Marios Sarris, Dimitris Theodossopoulas), Procreation Metaphors in Rural Cyprus and Greece, pp. 25-36

    • Gisela Welz, Halloumi/Hellim: Global Markets, European Union Regulation, and Ethnicised Cultural Property, pp. 37-54

    • Murat Erdal Ilican, The Occupy Buffer Zone Movement: Radicalism and Sovereignty in Cyprus, pp. 55-79

    • Sossie Kasbarian, Diasporic Voices from the Peripheries – Armenian Experiences on the Edges of Community in Cyprus and Lebanon, pp. 81-110

    • Nicos Philippou, Between East and West: John Thomson in Cyprus, pp. 111-131

    • Susan Pattie, Refugees and Citizens: The Armenians of Cyprus, pp. 133-145

  • Essay and Research Notes:

    • Eral Akarturk, The Intercommunal Relations between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots in the Mixed Village of Argaki, pp. 149-167

    • Roger Zetter, Through the Anthropologist’s Lens – A Retrospective on the Work of Peter Loizos, pp. 169-182

  • Bibliography:

    • Research and Publications on Cyprus 2012, pp. 185-194

  • Book Reviews:

    • Notes from the Balkans: Locating Marginality and Ambiguity on the Greek-Albanian Border, by Sarah F. Green (Yiannis Papadakis), pp. 197-198

    • Cyprus and its Places of Desire: Cultures of Displacement among Greek and Turkish Cypriot Refugees, by Lisa Dikomitis (Spyros Spyrou), pp. 199-202

    • The Cyprus Problem: What Everyone Needs to Know, by James Ker-Lindsay (Craig Webster), pp. 203-205

    • 50 Years of the Republic of Cyprus: A Painful Path [in Greek], edited by Chrysostomos Pericleous (George Kyris), pp. 207-209


Volume 25:2 Fall 2013

  • Articles:
    • Sotos Ktoris, AKEL and the Turkish Cypriots (1941–1955), pp. 15 – 38
    • Yiannos Katsourides, The National Council of Cyprus, pp. 39 – 58
    • Direnc Kanol, To Vote or Not to Vote? Declining Voter Turnout in the Republic of Cyprus, pp. 59 – 72
    • Joana Amaral, Multiparty Mediation in Cyprus in 1963–1965, pp. 73 – 88
    • Gulay Umaner Duba, Conditions for a Successful Federal Model in Cyprus: The Evaluation of the Annan Plan and Future Prospects, pp. 89 – 110
  • Essay and Research Notes:
    • Andrekos Varnava, Remembering the Cypriot Civil War 50 Years On, pp. 113 – 116
    • Hubert Faustmann, Can the Cyprus Problem be Solved?, pp. 117 – 125
  • Book Reviews:
    • Britain and the Greek Colonels: Accommodating the Junta in the Cold War, by Alexandros Nafpliotis (Andreas Constandinos), pp. 129 – 132
    • Internal Law and Diplomacy, by Andrew Jacovides (Achilles Emilianides), pp. 133 – 135
    • Η Κυπριακή Αριστερά στην Πρώτη Περίοδο της Βρετανικής ΑποικιοκρατίαςΕμφάνισηΣυγκρότησηΕξέλιξη [The Cypriot Left during the First Period of British Colonialism: Emergence, Formation, Development], edited by Giorgos Georgis and Yiannos Katsourides [in Greek] (Nikos Christofis),pp. 137 – 140
    • European Integration and the Communist Dilemma: Communist Party Responses to Europe in Greece, Cyprus and Italy, by Giorgos Charalambous (Michael Holmes), pp. 141 – 142


Volume 26:1 Spring 2014


Crisis, State and Peace: Europe at the Cyprus ‘Border’

Guest Edited by Barbara Karatsioli



  • Barbara Karatsioli, Cyprus in Europe: (In)-dependence and In-debtedness, pp. 15–32


Part I: Global Crisis, Eurozone Crisis and European Integration: The Institutional Debate

  • Cédric Durand, What is Europe? pp. 37–62
  • Christakis Georgiou, ‘Whatever it takes’: The Eurozone Crisis as a Catalyst of European Integration, pp. 63–80


Part II: Global Economic Restructuring and Capital Reproduction: A View on Crisis, Austerity and Employment from Divided Cyprus

  • Umut Bozkurt, Turkey: From the ‘Motherland’ to the ‘IMF’ of Northern Cyprus, pp. 83–105
  • Gregoris Ioannou, Employment in Crisis: Cyprus 2010–2013, pp. 107–126
  • Constantinos Constantinou, Heterotopias of Production: Unveiling the Everydayness of the Cypriot Economy, pp. 127–143


Part III: Cyprus ‘on the Border’: Crisis, Radical Politics and Peace

  • Barbara Karatsioli, ‘What kind of state are we in when we start to think of the state?’ Cyprus in Crises and Prospects for Reunification, pp. 147–168
  • Eirini Iliopoulou, Pafsanias Karathanasis, Towards a Radical Politics: Grassroots Urban Activism in the Walled City of Nicosia, pp. 169–192


Essay and Research Notes:

  • Eirini Avramopoulou, Crisis, Critique and the Possibilities of the Political – An interview with Judith Butler and Athena Athanasiou apropos the publication of their book Dispossession: The Performative in the Political, pp. 195–203
  • Nicholas Nicoli, The Role of Public Service Broadcasting in Cyprus during a Time of Austerity, pp. 205–212



  • Research and Publications on Cyprus 2013, pp. 215–225


Book Reviews:

  • Greece, Financialization and the EU: The Political Economy of Debt and Destruction, by Vassilis K. Fouskas and Constantine Dimoulas (Nicos Trimikliniotis), pp. 229–236
  • Small States in the European Union: Coping with Structural Disadvantages, by Diana Panke (Christina Ioannou), pp. 237–239
  • The Foreign Policy of Counter Secession: Preventing the Recognition of Contested States, by James Ker-Lindsay (John McGarry), pp. 241–244
  • Judgment at Istanbul: The Armenian Genocide Trials, by Vahakn N. Dadrian and Taner Akçam (Bedross Der Matossian), pp. 245–248
  • Cyprus and the Politics of Memory, Community and Conflict, edited by Rebecca Bryant and Yiannis Papadakis (Miranda Christou), pp. 249–252
  • Andreas Papandreou: The Making of a Greek Democrat and Political Maverick, by Stan Draenos (Emilios Solomou), pp. 253–254


Volume 26:2 Fall 2014



  • Michael N. Michael, Creating a New Identity: From the Secular Turkish Cypriot to the Muslim Turk of Cyprus, pp. 15 – 32
  • Andrekos Varnava, Peter Clarke, Accounting in Cyprus during Late Ottoman and Early British Rule, 1840–1918, pp. 33 – 55
  • Helge Jensehaugen, The Northern Cypriot Dream – Turkish Immigration 1974–1980, pp. 57 – 83
  • Irene Dieronitou, The Application of Discourse Ethics as an Approach in Revisiting Cultural Understandings in Cypriot History Education, pp. 85 – 103
  • Craig Webster, Ellada Hadjimanoli, The Placement of Cypriot Embassies and Embassy Staff: Power, the EU, and Overseas Cypriots, pp. 105 – 126


Essay and Research Notes:

  • Christos Yiangou, Solving the Cyprus Problem: An Evolutionary Approach, pp. 129 – 144
  • Zenon Stavrinides, The Intercommunal Negotiations in Cyprus: Searching for Two One-sided ‘Just’ Solutions, pp. 145 – 167


Book Reviews:

  • The Archbishops of Cyprus in the Modern Age: The Changing Role of the ArchbishopEthnarch, their Identities and Politics, edited by Andrekos Varnava and Michalis N. Michael (John A. McGuckin), pp. 171 – 174
  • The Cyprus Crisis: Examining the Role of the British and American Governments during 1974, by Andreas Constandinos (Heinz A. Richter), pp. 175 – 177
  • Britain and the Greek Civil War 1944–1949: British Imperialism, Public Opinion and the Coming of the Cold War, by John Sakkas (Nikos Christofis), pp. 179 – 182
  • Glafkos Clerides: The Path of a Country, by Niyazi Kizilyurek (Craig Webster), pp. 183 – 185


Volume 27:1 Spring 2015


Media Representation and the 2013 Financial and Political Crises in Cyprus

Guest Edited by Tao Papaioannou, Mike Hajimichael



  • Tao Papaioannou, Mike Hajimichael, Paradise Lost: Media Representation and the 2013 Financial and Political Crises in Cyprus, pp. 13-31
  • Articles:
  • Tao Papaioannou, Overcoming the Protest Paradigm? Framing of the 2013 Cypriot Protests in International Online News Media, pp. 35-70
  • Lia-Paschalia Spyridou, Producing Protest News: Representations of Contentious Collective Actions in Mainstream Print Media, pp. 71-105
  • George Pavlides, A Content Analysis of How Radio Stations in Cyprus Covered the Bailout of March 2013 (English translation by Mike Hajimichael), pp. 107-128
  • Nico Carpentier, Articulating Participation and Agonism: A Case Study on the Agonistic Re-articulations of the Cyprus Problem in the Broadcasts of the Community Broadcaster MYCYradio, pp. 129-153
  • Dimitra L. Milioni, Lia-Paschalia Spyridou, Konstantinos Vadratsikas, Framing Immigration in Online Media and Television News in Crisis-stricken Cyprus, pp. 155-185
  • Vasiliki Triga, Venetia Papa, ‘The Poor have been Raped’: An Analysis of Politicised Collective Identity in Facebook Groups against the Financial Crisis in Cyprus, pp. 187-216
  • Marcos Komodromos, Social Media and its Role for Cypriot Members of Parliament in Times of Crisis, pp. 217-232
  • Mike Hajimichael, Critiquing the Crisis through Music – Three Songs about Life in Cyprus Before and After the ‘Haircut’ of March 2013, pp. 233-248
  • Nicos Pavlides, Cypriot Economic Crisis – Crime and Punishment: Great Expectations or Realistic Possibility? pp. 249-290



  • Suman Gupta, Crisis and Representation: Notes on Media and Media Studies, pp. 291-310



  • Research and Publications on Cyprus 2014, pp. 311-326


Book Reviews:

  • The Greek Crisis in the Media: Stereotyping in the International Press, by George Tzogopoulos (Krini Kafiris), pp. 329-333
  • Is Europe Listening to Us? Successes and Failures of EU Citizen Consultations, edited by Raphaël Kies and Patrizia Nanz (Christine Neuhold), pp. 335-336
  • Capricious Borders: Minority, Population and Counter-Conduct between Greece and Turkey, by Olga Demetriou (Evropi Chatzipanagiotidou), pp. 337-341
  • The Cyprus Issue: The Four Freedoms in a Member State under Siege, by Nikos Skoutaris [Modern Studies in European Law’ Series] (Roman Petrov), pp. 343-345


Volume 27:2 Fall 2015


  • Elizabeth Hoak-Doering, A Photo in a Photo: The Optics, Politics and Powers of Hand-held Portraits in Claims for Justice and Solidarity, pp. 15-42
  • Mete Hatay, ‘Reluctant’ Muslims? Turkish Cypriots, Islam, and Sufism, pp. 43-63
  • Savvas D. Georgiades, Unemployment in Greek Cypriot Families: Psychosocial Impact, Coping Strategies, and Grassroots-level Solutions, pp. 65-88
  • Direnç Kanol, Inclusiveness and the Perceived Legitimacy of Peace Treaties: Findings from a Survey Experiment in Northern Cyprus, pp. 89-104
  • Burak Erkut, A Hung Parliament in the North: Outside Options after the 2003 Election en Route to the Annan Plan Referendum of 2004, pp. 105-122

Book Reviews:

  • Memories of a 64th Generation Cypriot, by Rustem Koken (Nikos Christofis), pp. 125-127
  • The History of the Communist Party in Cyprus: Colonialism, Class and the Cypriot Left, by Yiannos Katsourides (Christophoros Christophorou), pp. 129-133
  • Resolving Cyprus: New Approaches to Conflict Resolution, edited by James Ker-Lindsay (Claude Nicolet), pp. 135-138
  • Photography and Cyprus: Time, Place and Identity, edited by Liz Wells, Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert and Nicos Philippou (Johann Pillai), pp. 139-143
  • Sendall in Cyprus, 1892–1898: A Governor in Bondage, by Diana Markides (Alexis Rappas), pp. 145-148
  • The ‘Return’ of British-born Cypriots to Cyprus: A Narrative Ethnography, by Janine Teerling (Madeleine Demetriou), pp. 149-152