This section provides some basic information on a number of completed research or research-related programmes funded locally, which Intercollege and the University of Nicosia, or its faculty members through its academically affiliated institutions, were involved in either as coordinators or as partners.
The projects listed were implemented between 2004 and 2008. 


  • The State of the Cypriot Family (in GK) - Dr N. Peristianis
  • Research that concerns the use of anabolic and prohibited substances by athletes and the wider public that exercises in gyms and other athletic spaces (in GK) - Dr N. Kartakoullis
  • Values of Professional Athletes (in GK) - Dr N. Kartakoullis
  • Fitness Levels of Soldiers in the National Service in Cyprus (in GK) - Dr N. Kartakoullis
  • An evaluation of the sports for all programme in Cyprus (in GK) -  Dr N. Kartakoullis
  • The potential for developing sports tourism in Cyprus (in GK) -  Dr N. Kartakoullis
  • Club Drugs and Rave Parties in Cyprus: An Exploratory Study (in GK) - Dr S. Stylianou
  • Juvenile Delinquency in Cyprus (in GK) - Dr S. Stylianou
  • National Survey for Cigarettes, Alcohol and other Drugs (in GK) - Dr S. Stylianou
  • Προσφορά για τη διεξαγωγή μελέτης για την ένταξη των θεμάτων προστασίας των καταναλωτών στον τομέα της εκπαίδευσης (inGK) – Dr C. Vrasidas

National Machinery for Women's Rights


Research Promotion Foundation (RPF)

RPF Call for Proposals 2003
RPF 2nd Call for Proposals 2003
RPF Call for Proposals 2004/05
RPF Call for Proposals 2007
  • Μελέτη Διαμόρφωσης Μικρών Γραμμικών Πεπτιδίων: Μια Καινοτόμος Προσέγγιση της Πρωτεινικής Αναδίπλωσης (Slovenia-Cyprus Bilateral Cooperation) – Dr S. Mavromoustakos