Students and Research

The ‘Students in Research Programme (SIRP)’ of the University of Nicosia Medical School is a framework implemented since 2020 under which students of the undergraduate ‘Doctor of Medicine (MD)’, ‘Graduate Entry Doctor of Medicine (GEMD)’ and ‘Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)’ programmes are offered opportunities to participate in Research Projects.  Participation in SIRP is voluntary as this is an extracurricular initiative which aims to provide undergraduate students with research experience.

The two Pathways of SIRP:

As of 2022-23 academic year, students will be able to follow one of two Pathways:

  • Pathway A (Internal) SIRP will include Research Projects offered and supervised by internal faculty of the Medical School
  • Pathway B (External) SIRP will be launched for the first time in the current academic year and will include Research Projects offered and supervised by external collaborators of the Medical School.

Student application and selection:

  1. Research Projects under SIRP are usually advertised twice every academic year
    • The Winter SIRP Programme takes place during the period of January to June
    • The Summer SIRP Programme takes place during the period of July to December.
  2. Eligible Students receive an invitation including a list of available Research Projects under Pathway A and B and instructions on how to submit an online application by a specific deadline.
  3. The submitted applications are communicated to the relevant Supervisor(s)/ Research Teams who select the student(s) based on their academic judgement

The University of Nicosia Medical School organizes the annual University of Nicosia Medical School Student Research Conference (UNMS-SRC) in collaboration with the Medical School Student Society (MSSS), the Medical Student Research Society (MSRS) as well as the Medical faculty and administrative staff.

All active students of the undergraduates programmes of Graduate Entry Doctor of Medicine (GEMD), Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) as well as students of the postgraduate programmes of Master in Public Health (MPH), Master in Health Services Administration (MHSA), Masters in Family Medicine (MSc in FM) Programmes and the PhD Programme in Medical Sciences, are invited to participate in the conference as attendees or presenters. A call for submission of abstracts is communicated to all relevant cohorts, and the research projects that fulfil the eligibility criteria are selected by the Conference Evaluation Committee for oral or poster presentations. Examples of selected work include recently completed or published or ongoing research work with preliminary results.

Specific guidelines and more information regarding the application process are communicated to all eligible students by the Research Office closer to the day of the event.  For further information regarding the UNMS-SRC, please contact the Medical School Research Office at [email protected].

The University of Nicosia Medical School developed the ‘Student Conference Award Programme’ to motivate all undergraduate and postgraduate of the School to engage in Research by participating in national and international Conferences. By attending these Conferences, students can showcase their research findings to the academic community, while also networking and connecting with experienced researchers and scholars in their respective fields of interest. This hands-on experience allows students to develop valuable transferable skills that enhance their overall professional development.

Interested students can contact the Medical School Research Office at [email protected] to obtain more information regarding the Programme and the relevant eligibility criteria and conditions.