4 June 2024
by Michaela Takos & Naresh Christopher Sinnathamby, MBBS, Class of 2025

Last Saturday, 1 June, the Mobile Clinic took part in the Cyprus Pride 2024 event, collaborating with the AIDS Solidarity Movement’s ‘Cy Checkpoint’, to provide more than 100 free, anonymous and rapid HIV and syphilis tests.

Medical students played a crucial role in this initiative, focusing on raising awareness about the importance of screening testing, and working to reduce the stigma associated with infections such as HIV. The students were supervised by Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Danny Alon Ellenbogen. The were trained to take sexual health history from attendees and had the opportunity to observe Community Health Workers performing pre-test and post-test peer-counselling.

Mobile Clinic’s Broader Impact

From October 2023 to June 2024, the Medical School’s Mobile Clinic organised and implemented twelve expeditions across Cyprus. These expeditions included:

  • 1 Eye-Clinic
  • 2 Clinics offering Electrocardiograms (ECGs), blood pressure (BP), and body mass index (BMI) measurements
  • 3 Clinics offering HIV and Syphilis screening tests
  • 6 Clinics offering Glucose, BP, and BMI measurements

During this period, the Mobile Clinic engaged a total of 211 students, 22 supervising physicians, and 19 staff and administrators. The clinic performed more than 1700 tests on 702 individuals throughout Cyprus.

“The Mobile Clinic has been a beacon of health and hope for underserved populations in Cyprus, providing essential health checks to screen for common and manageable conditions. This year has been exceptionally productive, with teams of students participating in numerous clinics and reaching more communities than ever before. Our efforts have helped foster a healthier and more informed community. As the President of this incredible club, it has been a profoundly fulfilling experience to witness first-hand the positive impact of our services on people’s lives. Leading such a dedicated and compassionate team has been an honour and I am incredibly proud of the difference we have made in promoting health and well-being across the island.”

Michaela Takos, Australia
MBBS, Class of 2025
President of the Mobile Clinic Club (2023-2024)

“I strongly encourage all students to get involved with the Mobile Clinic in the coming year. By participating, you can help bridge gaps in healthcare accessibility, while honing your skills as future physicians. Serving as the secretary of the Mobile Clinic Club, I had the privilege of collaborating with the committee and witnessing the club’s remarkable growth over the past year. This club is unique to our university and offers a valuable opportunity to make a meaningful impact on healthcare in Cyprus, while developing into a compassionate and proficient doctor.”

Naresh Christopher Sinnathamby, Australia
MBBS, Class of 2025
Secretary of the Mobile Clinic Club Committee (2023-2024)