Vasiliki Kouta

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law

Honourable Rector,

Dear faculty,

Dear fellow students,

Dear parents,

Distinguished guests,

We welcome you to this important evening, which marks the end of a difficult path that we all chose to travel on, but also the start of an exciting journey the aim of which is our self-actualisation. Over the course of these years we were confronted with ourselves and with challenges that often seemed insurmountable. However, through these challenges we have learned the importance of patience, respect, team spirit, as well as the ethos governing each academic discipline. I am therefore convinced that every graduate will have all the necessary tools to successfully success in the today’s ever demanding society. Therefore, we cannot let the current difficulties experienced by our country stand as obstacles to fulfilling our goals.

However, today’s accomplishment is not solely attributed to us. A decisive role was played by our instructors who strived daily to pass on to us their wealth of knowledge and who stood beside during our best and toughest times. I would, therefore, like to thank the University of Nicosia, which enabled me to achieve my dream, my family for standing beside me and supporting my choices and my treasured friends who have been next  to me for every important moment in my life. In closing, I would like to state that we might believe that this diploma is our ticket to a better life. In reality, however, it is our ticket to change the world and we promise to do.

Thank you.