Niki Georgiou

Master’s Degree in Education 

School of Education 

Honourable Rector,

Dear faculty,

Dear fellow students,

Dear parents,

Distinguished guests,

It is with great pleasure, on behalf of all the graduates, that I welcome you to this evening’s postgraduate graduation ceremony of the University of Nicosia. Tonight marks a milestone for each graduate, as it represents the end of a long journey and, simultaneously, the starting point for a new beginning. In the course of these two years, there were pleasant moments, successes, personal and collective achievements. At the same time, there were difficult times, and we experienced anxiety and pressure. Tonight, we are all here to reward our efforts as one of our personal goals has been achieved.

Acquiring a Master’s degree is without doubt an essential outcome of tertiary education. Postgraduate studies are now a necessary requirement for entry into a highly competitive working environment. The choice of postgraduate studies contributes to the intellectual growth of an individual and plays a key role in professional development.

After completing my undergraduate studies at the Education Sciences Department of the University of Cyprus, I chose to continue my graduate studies at the School of Education of the University of Nicosia. This helped to broaden my educational background, as well as my professional development as the University of Nicosia offered me the opportunity to engage as a postgraduate researcher. I would be remiss in not mentioning that I had the great honour of meeting the late Professor Theophilides who had offered me this post. Continuing my studies at this particular academic institution was a conscious decision. In 2013, when researching my options, I came across a new concentration in the Master’s in Education programme, that of teaching mathematics and natural sciences. I consider that this specialisation offered me the suitable cognitive skills required for my professional career.

When contemplating what we have experienced over the past two years of study, we should remember the experiences we gained as the University of Nicosia taught us a great deal. No one can doubt the high quality of knowledge it offered, the academic and practical skills it encourages its students to develop, as well as the moral values that it takes care in transmitting to each student. All this, in an effort to help create complete individuals, critical-thinkers, young people who will implement what they have learned in each step of their lives.

Personally, I feel proud that, over the two-year course of my degree I had the opportunity to work with distinguished professors in the field of education both in Cyprus and abroad. I owe a huge thank you to my instructors and, especially the School Dean, Prof. Panayiotis Angelides, for everything they have offered me, for the valuable knowledge and experience they enthusiastically passed on. This made my academic journey an even more enjoyable experience. I also thank them for their continuous support throughout the duration of my studies, without which, I would not be here today at this important occasion.

Without a doubt, I find myself at this podium tonight on account of some special individuals and their instrumental support and assistance. I owe a huge thanks to my family and life companion, who are here with me tonight sharing in my joy. I thank my parents, who supported and nurtured in me important values and the principle of fair play. The unwavering support and selfless love of my family, relatives and friends in every step of my journey is unquestionably an important factor in tonight’s acknowledgement of my efforts. At this point I also want to thank my fellow students for the unforgettable moments spent together over these past two years.

I conclude my speech with a quote by the famous author Les Brown, which I dedicate to the protagonists of this evening. Dear Graduates: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” I congratulate you on your success and wish you all professional success and personal happiness!

Thank you.