All students of the University of Nicosia can choose from a great range of accommodation options such as a room in one of our friendly hostels or convenient private apartments and houses in walking distance from the institution.

Students also have in walking distance, a mall, a wide variety of banks, coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, etc.
The Accommodation Office assists students in finding suitable and convenient lodges for the duration of their studies. It provides on and off campus lodging (on campus hostels, off campus hostels, off campus housing) and offers students information about lease agreements, furniture rental, etc. In addition, the Accommodation Office arranges temporary accommodation at special rates and provides roommate services.
If you are interested for on campus or off campus accommodation please contact us as soon as possible. Make sure to specify which type of accommodation you are interested in (on/off campus; studio, 1,2,3 bedroom apartment; furnished or not, etc.)