Lessons from the Great Underground Empire: The Future of Virtual Reality in Learning, Teaching and Research

The Institute For the Future cordially invites you to a presentation on:

Lessons from the Great Underground Empire: The Future of Virtual Reality in Learning, Teaching and Research

21 May, 2018 @ 17:30

By Professor Stewart Martin, University of Hull, UK


In this presentation, Professor Stewart Martin will discuss the origins of experiential learning in digital environments and why the application of Virtual Reality in educational contexts was inevitable. He will show how the application of virtual reality provides opportunities for innovative approaches in learning, teaching and especially in research. Topics covered will include: the rationale for using digital technology and behind its common misuse; affordances and limitations; validity, reliability; the importance of causation and metrics; and how to develop an institutional strategy for effectiveness in digitally enhanced teaching, learning and research. Professor Martin will also outline his current multidisciplinary work in neuroscience and physiology for mapping cognitive load in the human brain during learning.

About Professor Stewart Martin
Stewart Martin is a professor at the University of Hull, UK and holds a Ph.D. in educational technology from the University of Durham. His research interests are in the educational use of digital technology to enhance learning and teaching, identity formation, psychometrics and the practical application of cognitive psychology and neuroscience in virtual reality settings. His research developed from his earlier experience as a Head Teacher in mainstream education and his appointments as an educational consultant to organisations in both the public and private sectors in the UK, the Netherlands and Canada. He joined the University of Hull in 2012 after spending four years as Head of Education at Teesside University and, prior to that, eight years as Director of the Ed.D. at Durham University. Professor Martin has developed academic partnerships, cultural links and interdisciplinary research in a range of mainstream and Higher Educational institutions in Europe, the Americas, Canada and South-East Asia. Professor Martin is a National Teaching Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, an External Examiner for Ph.D. and Ed.D. at several universities, reviews for numerous international research journals and for the Academic and Technical Colleges for the Arts and Humanities Research Council and is an Editorial Board member for the journal Educational Research and Evaluation. He is a visiting professor at universities in Japan, China and Switzerland, has published numerous journal articles, book chapters and research reports and has received over £1.5m in support for his research.