Eastern Mediterranean Affairs (EMA) is an inter-/trans-/multi-disciplinary magazine of regional focus. Established in Fall 2019, EMA aims to become a trusted source of insight and analysis for Eastern Mediterranean regional leaders from government, business, finance, and the academic world. Each issue is dedicated to a topic concerning the Eastern Mediterranean region. EMA launches with a thematic issue on Energy; the variable which opened the door for regional collaborations and has attracted the most attention for the better part of the last decade. Future issues will include a variety of timely and relevant topics, such as, ‘Regional Cyber Geopolitics’, Regional Climate Change’, ‘Security in the Eastern Mediterranean’, ‘Gender Imbalances’ and ‘Migration’.

EMA will publish and make new knowledge openly accessible through concise, profound, and multi-dimensional analysis. The aim is to feature and feely disseminate opinion pieces, expert insight and short studies from academics, state officials and experts from the private sector. EMA aspires to attract the interest of two distinct types of audience: 1) decision-makers/leaders/state and non-state opinion-makers with the purpose of enhancing local and intraregional transparency, instigating dialogue among experts and 2) the wider public/lay audience interested in regional issues of current and urgent nature such as ‘Energy in the Eastern Mediterranean’.

The magazine will be disseminated to government organisations, NGOs, Embassies, private companies, universities and will also be freely available for downloading and viewing on the EMSI website in the EMA dedicated section. EMA is committed to innovate through partnerships that utilize new technologies, new media and creative new approaches to bring together a diverse audience to better understand and address the most urgent and important issues of our time.