About the Programme

University of Nicosia: MBA Online

The Master’s in Business Administration programme provides comprehensive guidance regarding the varied opportunities available to professionals today. It also analyses how modern organizations function in today’s competitive world. The pace of the programme is vigorous thus providing participating students with the skills necessary to guide both their short and long term understanding of professional pathways

Programme Aims

  • To build a solid foundation of business education, enabling you to become effective managers anywhere in today’s globally competitive fast changing environment
  • To develop your management and leadership skills
  • To enhance intellectual development and student graduate maturity
  • To operate effectively in a multicultural environment
  • To adapt quickly to changing social, political, legal and economical conditions

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate effective leadership and management skills with heightened cultural awareness and a refined global outlook
  • Demonstrate academic independence and synthesize your individual professional profile
  • Implement your acquired discipline knowledge in practice
  • Design and run effective organizations and assist them in achieving superior performance
  • Evaluate your organization’s competitive position and apply appropriate marketing and strategy decisions for further enhancement of its position
  • Apply a balance between scientific research and business reality
  • Evaluate complex investments, set and execute financial policies within your organization and enhance your negotiation skills
  • Manage the Human Resources of your organization and motivate people to achieve your organization’s vision

Programme’s Main Objectives

  • Equipping students with all necessary skills, attitudes and approach to guide their decisions as business executives
  • Developing students’ abilities to handle today’s problems and prospects for business organizations functioning in a competitive world
  • Allowing students to develop their theoretical and practical skills and knowledge in one of the specialized areas
  • Enhancing intellectual development and student graduate maturity
  • Assisting the students to analyse, examine, investigate and compose the new knowledge and competencies they will acquire
  • Ensuring the highest possible penetration of each subject inquiry and exhaustion of conceptual academic as well as practical implications.
  • Securing the necessary level of education for obtaining specialized knowledge and competencies and demonstrating mental independence
  • Offering an insight into professional possibilities and modern organizations functioning in the context of today’s competitive world
  • Providing participating students with the skills necessary to guide both their short and long term decisions.
  • Providing international management education to its participants that will enable them to become effective general managers anywhere in today’s globally competitive environment
  • Providing students with graduate level of business education focusing on both theories and research from a holistic business point of view
  • Providing students with the necessary skills, attitudes and approach to guide their decisions as business executives
  • Providing students the ability to handle today’s problems and prospect for business organizations functioning in a competitive world
  • Giving emphasis on European and International business perspectives

Admission Criteria

The following admissions must be satisfied for a student to be admitted:
(1) An accredited Bachelor’s degree (European, American) or equivalent is required for admission to the MBA programme.
(2) Proficiency in English – Students satisfy the English requirements if their first degree was taught in English. Otherwise, they would need to present at least a TOEFL score of 550 paper-based or 213 computer-based, or GCSE “O” Level with “C” or IELTS with a score of 6.5 or score placement at the ENGL-100 level of the University of Nicosia Placement Test. University of Nicosia offers English courses at various levels to help students reach the required standard for admission.
(3) Standardized Test Scores – The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is required of all students with a minimum score of 400. Students with a CPA of 2.5 or higher on the 4-point system or 2.2 for UK standards or equivalent, or three years of professional experience will be exempted from the GMAT. A candidate without the GMAT may be provisionally admitted and be allowed to take the Foundation courses but such students will be accepted as MBA students only upon submission of the GMAT score as stated above.
(4) Academic Background – Applicants with a non-business background can be admitted into the programme but they may have to take preparatory foundation courses.
(5) It is recommended that applicants have previous working experience. Personal qualities such as motivation, character and leadership play a significant role in the admission process.
(6) Letters of Recommendation – Two recommendation letters from persons who have known the applicant in his/her educational and professional environment are required.
(7) Individual Interviews are held where possible. The interviews elicit motivation, leadership, potential and personal mission. Where interviews are not possible, written evidence and data on the applicant’s past work experience, maturity and personality are assessed to the best possible degree.
(8) Personal Statement – is a comprehensive outline highlighting the applicants’ individual competences and strengths and providing their reflections regarding the expectations and value of the programme as well as to their personal advancement and career development.

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