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Sophia Foundation for Children

The Sophia Foundation for Children represents a team effort to create something tangible that will give a breath of life to the impoverished, ailing and destitute children of Africa.

Specifically, the Sophia Foundation programmes:

  • provide breakfast and lunch to orphans and indigent children at the “Saint George” kindergarten in Kibera;
  • secure shelter, subsistence, medical attention and education for the 92 children of the “Makarios” kindergarten at Nyeri;
  • ensure their education in secondary education schools following their graduation from elementary schools;

The University of Nicosia has decided to actively support the Sophia Foundation’s worthwhile initiative in a variety of ways, such as: offering a number of study scholarships to these needy children, sending volunteers to Kenya as part of the missions there, staging a series of awareness/fundraising and other events, and various other activities.

Please visit the Sophia Foundation for Children website.