Technological advances breed new practices in different fields. In terms of International Relations, Diplomacy, and Security Studies, technology also impacts war and relations between countries.

For this, we must begin addressing new challenges: the rise of new actors, cyber threats, hybrid warfare, fake news, and more. Very often, the human factor is the main reason for potential security flaws in policy and decision-making. Awareness over this flaws and potential counter-measures is a top priority for the state, businesses, and private individuals.

The Diplomatic Academy hosts interactive workshops for professionals, students, and researchers alike on Modern Warfare challenges. Our aim is to give a holistic approach on what constitutes modern warfare, hybrid threats, and conflict today.

This is a key area we proudly embrace as a strong niche. Our researchers and experts often collaborate with other organisations to deliver interactive workshops and other events that focus on dialogue and awareness on security practices.

If you are interested in co-organising a workshop as such with us, please let us know by sending us your suggestion at [email protected]