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Syriza’s Victory and Greek-Israeli Relations

By Zenonas Tziarras & Ioannis-Sotirios Ioannou The Coalition of Radical Left (Syriza) was the big winner of the Greek national elections of January 25, 2015, as expected. With 36.34% of the votes, Syriza and its leader (now Prime Minister) Alexis Tsipras won 149 seats, two seats shy of absolute majority.

A Note on Greek Foreign Policy under Syriza

By Zenonas Tziarras Much has been said and written about the foreign policy that will be followed by the newly-elected coalition government in Greece that consists of majority Syriza and minority center-to-right wing ANEL.

Lessons from Tikrit

By Ioannis-Sotirios Ioannou Watching the war evolve in Iraq, between the military forces of the country and the Shiite militias on one hand and the jihadists of the Islamic State on the other, one inevitably realizes the domination of Iranian policy in Iraq.

The External Security of Cyprus: Challenges and Potential Threats

By Ioannis-Sotirios Ioannou Whereas Operation Entebbe in Uganda on July 4th 1976 can be considered as an example of daring commando attempts to save victims of terrorism, the events that transpired in February 1978 during the intervention of Egyptian commandos in Larnaca can only be seen as a continuous historical reminder that Cyprus is also the easternmost part of Europe and the last “post” before the turbulent subsystem of the Middle East.

Lessons from Kobane

By Ioannis-Sotirios Ioannou The undoubtedly heroic opposition of the Kurds of Syria in Kobane who furiously have been fighting the Jihadists of the Islamic State is frequently compared to the stories of the women-amazons.

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