COVID-19: A Political Perspective

The Diplomatic Academy launches a new repository of suggested articles on the implications of the ongoing pandemic in international affairs.

The Need of a Political Perspective

With strong emphasis added on the implications of the ongoing pandemic on life itself, the Diplomatic Academy strives to engage its wider audience with the current setting of global politics. Simultaneously, there are numerous new questions experts are struggling with:

  • How will a post-pandemic world look like?
  • What is the “normal way of life” and can we ever “go back to” something like that?
  • How will the economy be affected?
  • And how does the unraveling geopolitical environment respond?

The Repository

The articles we put forward are hosted on other websites and are written by other authors. We do not claim them as our own. Rather, we are putting this together in order to help the wider public to understand the plethora of scientific and expert views on the social, political, policy, and economic impact of the virus.

We have introduced several tags to help our audience, as well as eight key categories. These include:

  • Conflict
  • Cyberspace
  • Economy
  • European Union
  • Foreign Policy
  • Governance
  • History
  • Misinformation

You may access our pool of articles in this link:

The repository will be continuously updated with new articles, in order to keep up with the ongoing developments.

We welcome article suggestions, as well as original content for publication from experts, colleagues, academics, and policymakers.

Should you wish to get involved, please send an email to Mr Petros Petrikkos at [email protected] with your ideas.


We hope you are staying safe and healthy during these challenging times.

Diplomatically yours,

The DA Team