Dialogue with a Diplomat Series: Markos Kyprianou

5th March 2020

As part of its “Dialogue with a Diplomat” seminar series, the Diplomatic Academy hosted another closed seminar at the University of Nicosia. This time, the Academy had the pleasure of inviting Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Former European Commissioner for Health Mr Markos Kyprianou.
The topic of discussion was as follows:
“A Comparative Case Study on the Tactics and Problems of Negotiations on

    1. the Greek Debt between Greece and the EU, and
    2. on Brexit between the UK and the EU”.

During and after the seminar, students and other participants had the opportunity to ask questions regarding diplomacy and policy-making. Mr Kyprianou concluded the seminar, by highlighting key lessons with regards to the art of negotiation.

We thank Mr Kyprianou for his invaluable insight and also extend our thanks to all of our attendees!