Dialogue with a Diplomat Series: Cyprus-Russia Relations

11th February 2020

In light of the Russian Diplomats Day, as well as the 60th Anniversary of Cyprus-Russia good foreign relations, the Diplomatic Academy hosted an event in partnership with the Russian Cultural Centre of Cyprus. This was a closed event, chaired by Dr Constantinos Adamides, the Academy’s Director.

The main theme was “Cyprus-Russia Relations”, with Denis V. Borodich, First Secretary at the Russian Federation Embassy as a guest speaker. Mr Borodich highlighted the prospects and new challenges to Cyprus-Russia relations from a political, economic, as well as cultural perspective. The diplomat also expressed his satisfaction with the organisers’ initiative, as well as the urgency to bring foreign policy and diplomacy discussion into the public sphere.

Moreover, some interesting discussion took place regarding Cypriot and Russian action in the Eastern Mediterranean, academia and foreign policy, as well as current efforts to sustain healthy relations through academic development. This included joint and guest publications in academic journals, such as the Cyprus Review’s special issue on Cyprus-Russia relations, and the ongoing partnership between the University of Nicosia and MGIMO University in Moscow.