The Center conducts economic, social, political and environmental research studies that are partially financed by public institutions such as the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, the UNDP and UNIRISD, the European Commission and the Government of Cyprus. The Center also carries out public surveys, both on its own initiative and on behalf of public and private institutions. Some of the most recent research studies and surveys are listed below. For a complete list please see Catalogue of Activities.

Research Studies

Projects Funded by Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation 2005 – 2008:

“Accession to the Eurozone and the Reunification of the Cyprus Economy.”

“The Social and Economic Consequences from the Partial Withdrawal on the Restrictions on Free Movement.”

“The Future of Language in Cyprus.”

“Coordination and Formulation of EU Policy in a Federal Cyprus.”

Other projects:

"The Evolution of Labour Law in the new Member States of the European Union: 1995-2005 – Country Study on Cyprus and Malta." Commissioned by European Commission under Contract VC/2006/0014.

"Relations Between Britain and the Republic of Cyprus and the Case of the British Sovereign Base Areas."

"Social Policies in Small States: The cases of Cyprus and Malta." Commissioned by UNIRISD and the Commonwealth Secretarial.

Public Surveys:

“The Youth of Cyprus – Public Survey on Free Time, Work, Relationships, Beliefs and Problems.” Conducted for the Cyprus Youth Board.

“Field Survey on Relations and Sexuality.” Conducted for the Cyprus Youth Board.

“Field Public Survey on Substance Abuse.” Conducted for the Antinarcotics Council.

“Field Survey on Technical Education.” Conducted for the Ministry of Education and Culture.

“Field Survey on the Reading Habits of Cypriots and the Promotion of Books.”

Unit of Environmental Studies:

Projects funded by the UNDP 2007 – 2008:

“Establishment of island-wide waterbird surveillance programme for rapid detection of potential avian influenza outbreak.”

“Setting the foundations of a Pan-Cyprian Network of nature conservation organizations.”

Project funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation 2005 – 2008:

"e-HERITAGE: Digital application of the commercial exploitation of the geo-cultural resources of Greece and Cyprus.”

Projects funded by the EU under Leonardo da Vinci, 2006 – 2008:

“PROUD: Promoting Urban Sustainable Development in Local Authorities.”

“ISLANDS: Integrated Solutions for Vocational and Educational Training in Islands and Rural Areas.”