Volume 5  Issue 5

November 2008

Bimonthly Electronic Newsletter


The 2008 U.S. Election: Past and Prologue (by Monroe Newman). Go back 50 years. If someone suggested that the candidates of a major American party for the highest offices in the land would be a bi-racial African-American and a Roman Catholic, the person’s sanity would have been questioned MORE


Reflections from the Balkans (by Andreas Theophanous). This article is prompted by some of the issues, ideas and thoughts that were advanced and debated during a two day conference entitled Reconciliation and Human Security in the Balkans organized by the European Center for Peace and Development in Montenegro on October 30-31 MORE


Hot pursuits in bordering American outpost (by Anat Lapidot-Firilla). Since US invasion of Iraq in March 2003, Turkish foreign policy and security advisors face one of its most serious regional challenges ever. It required Turkey to formulate new conceptual approach to its regional and international position and to make adjustment to actual capabilities on the ground MORE


Beyond Paris Summit: Prospects for Regional Co-operation in the Mediterranean (by Stephen C. Calleya and Demetris K. Xenakis). Since his electoral victory in May 2007, President Sarkozy reiterated his unwavering will to push forward a Mediterranean initiate as a main objective of France’s foreign policy. Until the founding Summit in Paris last July, his idea of a Mediterranean Union – now termed Barcelona Process MORE


The Financial Crisis in the US and the European Union: some saddle differences (by Yiannis Tirkides). The global financial crisis remains the dominant economic issue in the world today. This is so because of its severity and depth, its geographic reach, and systemic characteristics. The financial crisis started off as a liquidity crisis in the United States but quickly spread to the rest of the world, particularly Europe, where MORE


Forthcoming Event – November 10, International Conference: Current Trends In International Relations

Participation in an international conference and potential for further cooperation