The Department of the European Studies and International Relations, in collaboration with the Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs and with the co-sponsorship of the Jean Monnet Programme, is organizing a series of seminars on European Integration.

The main aim of the first series of seminars is to provide easy-to-understand presentations about the process of European integration, to address basic but fundamental questions such as: How does the EU manage a range of policy areas and how is the EU governed. The series will also address current European issues, including EU relations with Cyprus, Turkey and the Balkans, the failure of the EU constitution and other.

The classes are taught by experienced faculty from the cceia of Nicosia and are free of charge. The language of instruction will be in English, and the lectures are open to all local or foreign residents of Cyprus who are interested in acquiring a more profound knowledge of the EU. Upon completion of each series, the participants will receive a certificate of attendance.


Schedule of classes:


1. Introduction to European Integration




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