Major Deliverables for the CYPHEW project


1. Technical report (booklet) for the policy -makers

2. Publications in peer-reviewed journals

3. Internal report on epidemiological and statistical methods

4. Database of meteorological variables, air pollution data and health indicators

5. Literature Review

6. Internal report on meteorological analysis

7. Internal report on hospital admissions/mortality data and air mass types investigations (report)

8. Impact of Thermal Stress On Public Health (report)

9. Temperature Modeling   (report)

10. Internal report on the confounder adjusted estimates and effect modification between air pollution and climate

11. Report for meta-analysis investigation on possible change in the weather effects

12. Fully validated and tested HHWWS

13. Validated algorithms for the prediction of heat stress related mortality and morbidity

14. Set of protocols for the operation of the HHWWS

15. Quality and technical assurance review

16. Health Impact Assessment Survey on current policies and practices within EU and Cyprus and a set of generic and unique mitigation measures in the form of intervention plans for the reduction of heat related mortality and morbidity (report)