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Understanding and Evaluating the European Union


Theoretical and Empirical Approaches


Edited by Stelios Stavridis


 This volume offer’s a snapshot of the EU in 2008. It contains a varied number of rich contributions that come from different academic perspectives and methodological approaches ranging from integration theory, to comparative politics, to international relations, to political economy, and to law. They all show how complex and difficult, but at the same time how challenging and necessary, it is to try and explain, understand, interpret and evaluate the European Union.  Many chapters were initially presented to the April 2007 1st Spring School on the EU organised by the cceia of Nicosia (then Intercollege).


Reflections on the relations between

Britain and the Republic of Cyprus

and the case of the British Sovereign Base Areas

Edited by Andreas Theophanous and Yiannis Tirkides – 2007


 This study entitled Reflections on the Relations between Britain and the Republic of Cyprus and the Case of the British Sovereign Base Areas examines some sensitive aspects of this relationship and integrates public perceptions in the analysis. It sets the context which is based on the strong economic relationship between Cyprus and Britain. More than 50% of the tourists visiting Cyprus every year come from Britain while the total net surplus in the comprehensive economic relationship (including the Bases) is estimated to be around 10% of Cyprus’ GDP. It also underlines the significance of the social aspects of the relationship which include the widespread use of the English language in Cyprus, the incorporation of British practices in Cypriot business law and the broader legal framework, the educational exchanges, the presence of a sizable Cypriot community in the UK and of the increasing number of British expatriates and businessmen in Cyprus. This remarkable socioeconomic record is not matched in the political domain. Furthermore, perceptions are such that make the overall relationship difficult and at times tense. Greek Cypriots perceive British policy over Cyprus to have been consistently pro-Turkish. And the underline that in 1974 Britain did not carry out its Treaty obligations. This study suggests that it is essential to reassess the overall relations between Cyprus and Britain. At the same time it recognizes that common values and converging interests, particularly in the context of the European Union, can be jointly and successfully pursued.



 Accession to the Eurozone and the reunification of the Cyprus economy

Edited by Andreas Theophanous and Yiannis Tirkides – 2006


 Cyprus faces a double challenge: the timely introduction of the Euro and successful participation in the EMU on the one hand, and the reunification of its economy within the framework of a solution of the Cyprus Problem on the other. Meeting the challenge is crucial. Accession to the EMU will undoubtedly influence the contents of a solution to the Cyprus problem, as it entails the need for economic integration and effective coordination in the decision-making progresses. The integration of the northern part of the island with the government-controlled areas and, by extension, with the EU, necessitates the implementation of the acquis communautaire across the entire island.