Why I Enrolled in the MSc in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia

Why I Enrolled in the MSc in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia

George Agathangelou, CMO of Block.co shares why Blockchain education is invaluable

After being intrigued by Bitcoin, during the 2012-2013 Cypriot financial crisis, I started ASIC mining as a hobbyist with the help of a friend and started doing more research on this experiment. Although being heavily involved in the financial sector, it was extremely hard at the time to find similar minded people that I could relate to.

In 2017, with the sudden surge of the crypto-industry and the hype that took over the mainstream media and the world, I decided that it was time for me to get involved full time in the cryptocurrency industry. Ever since I have been aspiring to contribute to blockchain technology’s adoption locally and globally, primarily through education and discussion, with the promotion of local meetups, open, public, educational lectures and online communities.

I currently serve as the Chief Marketing Officer for at Block.co, a blockchain credentialing startup powered by the University of Nicosia, providing a truly decentralized solution to secure PDF documents from fraud without intermediaries.

I also act as a Business Developer and Advisor for Grant Thornton Blockchain Cyprus, and a founding member and Treasurer for Cyprus Blockchain Association, advocating for the innovation and collaboration essential to utilize the potential of blockchain technology in Cyprus.

So… Why would someone who already has a job in the industry enroll in the MSc in Digital Currency program at the University of Nicosia?

I believe that the blockchain and cryptocurrency space is still in its early days. Although I have been frantically researching the subject over the years, I have experienced that the collective knowledge provided in a structured manner, by the pioneers of the space which I am now honored to consider my colleagues, has provided me with an in-depth, analytical and quite elaborate understanding of the crypto-sphere. I now wish I actually started my MSc earlier, as it would have saved me valuable time rather than having to dig up all this information by myself.

Through the MSc program, I was also very pleased to be able to connect with the fellow students and researchers in the digital currency space, from all over the world, exchange ideas and network towards collaboration. Lastly; I enrolled also for personal reasons, purely because I love this space, the ideology behind it and the future promise it brings to improve our lives. As I want to have an active role and be able to contribute, if I do not have the necessary skills, tools and credentials to do so, my contribution will be limited and I will not be able to reach my personal goals in life.

George Agathangelou

Chief Marketing Officer, Block.co

MSc in Digital Currency student – UNIC

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