Security Token Strategy

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About the Course:

Security tokens are a new financial instrument, that allows fractionalized ownership of different assets which can also be transferred via blockchain.

Security tokens are a very new financial instrument in a forthcoming market with a variety of studies indicating that within the next 5 years, this is going to turn into a 30 billion dollar industry.

The course is self-contained and does not require any specific prior knowledge. A basic understanding of mathematics and programming is helpful to understand some of the more advanced technical content. However, this content is not mandatory, and people of less technical inclination can choose to skip the more advanced technical topics.

The course is taught through online interactive sessions. The fact that they are not pre-recorded allows for live Q&A sessions with the instructor and direct participation in the class.

The course covers the following areas:

  • Introduction to cryptography and blockchains; how blockchain-based architectures differ from traditional ones
  • Token technology and token standards (e.g. why they are needed, how they differ etc)
  • Securities, security valuation and basic corporate finance
  • Financial services and their regulations, as they relate to securities and security offerings
  • Key strategic frameworks (e.g. design thinking, blue ocean, disruption) and how to apply them.
The course is developed for participants coming from different backgrounds (e.g. technical , legal, finance, strategy, marketing) who have a professional need of analysing, understanding or developing a strategy for a business that wants to make use of – or is considering making use of – tokens in their financial strategy.

Several industries are expected to be heavily disrupted and influenced by security tokens.

These industries are traditional financing and investing, real estate, supply chain, green energy, pharma, artwork, gaming, gambling and intellectual property. Anyone working in such industries will highly benefit from completing this course.

Highly recommended for:

Founders of innovative businesses

  • Analysts and investors
  • Professionals working in investments
  • Hedge Fund Managers
  • Asset Fund Managers
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • Pharma Professionals
  • Green Energy Professionals
This course incorporates many different perspectives, delivered by professionals and experts who have first-hand experiences with Security Tokens in the industries that are relevant for 2020. The importance of this course is to hear from the people who actually started this industry and aim to get participants inspired by giving them ideas on how to implement this knowledge in whatever they do.

Who you will learn from:

Author of “A Guide to Financial Regulation for Fintech Entrepreneurs” (Wiley 2018) and “Security Tokens”(forthcoming)

Industry Expertise:
Stefan is a Managing Partner at LexByte, a boutique tokenisation advisory firm. Previously he worked as a consultant with McKinsey’s Corporate Finance Practice, a banker at J.P. Morgan, and a derivatives quant programmer at Paribas. The unique combination of expertise means that not only Stefan is a product expert who understands securities and their regulations in depth, but that he also has the bigger picture view that allows him to develop and analyse a company’s strategy. Last but not least he is an experienced programmer who has hands-on experience in developing and deploying token code.

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Course Schedule

Week 1: Blockchain Basics: Hash Functions, Hash Chains, Merkle Trees, Cryptographic Signatures, Distributed Consensus.

Week 2: ERC20 Token Standard theory and learn how to create and transfer your own token. Basic Corporate Finance, Securities, Balance Sheet and Security valuation.

Week 3: Blockchain Functional Patterns: Credential Management (PKI), System Architecture, Guaranteed Coherence, Censorship Resistance. Frameworks and Tools for the Strategic Innovation: Agile Thinking and Development, Blue Ocean Theory, Disruption, Business Model Canvas and how they apply for security tokens in general and specifically for the final assignment.

Week 4: Financial Services product range and their Regulations and Applying the Strategic Toolkit to the Final Assignment.

Week 5: Overview of key financial services Regulations in the EU and in the US and looking at draft submissions of final assignment.

Week 6: Token Standards and most important standards, Course Summary and putting everything we learned in perspective and Review of Final Assignments

Still have questions?

Payment for the course can be made via bank transfer or online payment using Paypal, Credit Card or Bitcoin.

For group registrations, please contact Demetrios Tseas at [email protected] .

Through our online Moodle platform you will have access to live sessions with the instructor and interaction with other students.

You will also have access to materials prepared by Stefan Loesch, which include but are not limited to: case studies, brief assignments, practice quizzes, additional reading material, podcasts from other industry experts, and a final assignment.

Participants will be asked to work on and submit a final assignment and develop the strategy for (or assess the strategy of) a security token, from a practitioner’s perspective (investor, consultant, entrepreneur or innovator).

All final assignments will be reviewed by Stefan Loesch. Those who have successfully submitted the final assignment will be eligible for the certificate of completion, which will be digitally verifiable.

The certificate will be issued in your name at no additional cost, upon successful completion of the course. There is no extra cost for maintaining your certificate.