15 Scholarships for MSc in Digital Currency to Top MOOC 6.0 Achievers

The final exam for DFIN-511 Introduction to Digital Currencies is this weekend (December 3-4) and the University of Nicosia is announcing MOOC Scholars, a special scholarship for all Fall 2016 MOOC students.

The University of Nicosia will award up to 15 scholarships for the MSc in Digital Currency to students achieving top marks in the final exam of DFIN-511.

Each scholarship will correspond to a €2,940 award towards the full tuition fees of the MSc. The scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships offered in the program.

All students registered in DFIN-511 for Fall 2016 (MOOC 6.0) are eligible for the scholarship, including current MSc students who are not benefiting from other scholarships.

After the exam, eligible students will receive personal notification that they qualify for the “MOOC Scholars” scholarship. To claim the scholarship, they must apply for the MSc program by December 31st, 2016.

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