Meet our Alumni | Marianna Charalambous – Class of 2023

I professionally joined the blockchain space in early 2019 as a Project Manager of a blockchain-based ticketing software. I have been hooked on the potential of this technology for the past five years.

While working as a project manager on different research, institutional, and industry blockchain projects I realized the importance of regulation in the space. While countries around the globe explore ways to regulate blockchain, just a couple of months ago, the EU introduced MiCA, a landmark crypto regulation that further emphasizes the need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate the legal aspects of this emerging technology, ensuring compliance and managing risks.

Having also completed all three free MOOCs on Digital Currencies, DeFi, and NFTs & the Metaverse offered by the University of Nicosia (UNIC), I finally decided to enroll in “Blockchain Regulator Academic Certification” program, offered by the Institute For the Future (IFF) of UNIC, under the guidance and support of IFF’s amazing enrollment team. I embarked on a new learning journey which has truly exceeded my expectations.

This academic certification consists of three courses of the world’s leading MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency program and it’s designed for people who want to become competent blockchain professionals but do not wish to embark on a full MSc program yet. The program covers a wide range of topics, such as Law and Regulation in Blockchain, Token Economics, Emerging Topics in Law and Regulation. I got to learn from experienced instructors such as Dr Harris Savvides, Dr Christos Makrides and Marc Toohey who have worked in the space for years and, most importantly, are very passionate about what they teach! The organization of the courses was flawless, and the feedback on the various exercises very constructive. I am also thankful to Evgenia Kapassa for all her support during the Token Economics course.

The program has undoubtedly already helped me a lot in my current profession, both as UNIC’s project manager of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, and as the Grant Program Manager of the Cudos Foundation. I’m looking forward to enrolling in more blockchain courses at UNIC!

Marianna Charalambous,
Research Project Manager, Institute for the Future (IFF), UNIC
Blockchain Academic Certification Program – UNIC, Class of 2023

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