Meet our Alumni | Brent Massey – Class of 2023

During the early 2000s, I was fascinated by the real-world economics of MMO games. During my school years, it made perfect sense to develop profitable mouse scripts for playing these games. Although we did not refer to them NFTs or cryptocurrency back then – that’s essentially what “gold farming” entailed. Bitcoin eventually emerged as the game-changing medium that revolutionized this cross-platform exchange.

Nowadays, I am a blockchain technology officer with extensive experience deploying cryptocurrencies, decentralized exchanges, miners, nodes and applications. I have more than seven years of blockchain and mining knowledge, four years of web development, and two years of experience within data centers and internet service providers. For the last few years, I volunteered at Open Compute Project, an organization dedicated to designing a more environmentally friendly tech industry. Additionally, I have conducted research for Saidler & Co. / Numbrs – regarding blockchain disruption events, interoperability and tokenomics.

After careful consideration and extensive research, it became evident to me that the MSc in Blockchain and Digital Currency program offered by University of Nicosia (UNIC) is truly world class. Seeing the partnership formed between UNIC and Binance was the cherry on top. I enrolled in the master’s program as an enthusiast and later emerged as a confident blockchainer ready to discuss any topic. To my surprise, University of Nicosia accommodated the schedules of online students worldwide. The assignments were enjoyable, the discussions were thought-provoking, and the knowledge gained was invaluable. I can confidently say that lectures were a thoughtful experience that ignites curiosity and a thirst for learning. I firmly believe that University of Nicosia will continue to be the #1 blockchain University globally.

As this semester concludes, I am filled with a mix of bittersweet emotions knowing that I will embark on new adventures while bidding farewell to the incredible mentors who played such a significant role in shaping my education. I will always be a proud alumnus of the University of Nicosia!

Brent Massey
Blockchain Consultant
MSc in Blockchain & Digital Currency – UNIC, Class of 2023

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