Course Outline

The course is delivered wholly online, with weekly live interactive sessions with the instructors and leading figures from the DeFi industry.

Weekly material (presentations, case studies, discussion papers) is posted on Moodle, where discussion forums allow students to interact with each other and the course instructors. Interactive multiple-choice quizzes allow the students to test their grasp of the material.

A weekly 2-hour live Zoom session with the course instructors allows students to post their questions to the instructors, as well as to industry guests invited to join every Session.

A final, optional, multiple-choice quiz allows students to test their understanding of the course and gain a blockchain-verifiable Certificate of Accomplishment issued by the University of Nicosia.

Course Outline

Session Session Theme Instructor
1 Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Fundamentals x
2 The DeFi infrastructure Part I: Ethereum x
3 The DeFi infrastructure Part I: Other Layer 1 protocols x
4 The DeFi stack x
5 Stablecoins x
6 DeFi Applications I x
7 DeFi Applications II x
8 DeFi Applications III x
9 Algorithmic Governance x
10 DeFi Tokenomics x
11 Beyond DeFi I: NFTs x
12 Beyond DeFi II: Asset tokenization and prediction markets x
  Final Exam x