Course Outline

The course is structured into twelve weekly live Q&A sessions and a final exam.

Roughly each of the 12 MOOC sessions, represent individual courses in the MSc that dive far deeper into the specific elements that are discussed in the MOOC.

During each week, there is a live Q&A session, during which students have the opportunity to submit questions to the instructors, which are being discussed during the live session.

At the end of the 12 MOOC sessions, there will be a final quiz. Students who successfully complete the course, will receive a certificate of accomplishment, digitally verifiable on the Bitcoin blockchain. Those interested in pursuing the full MSc degree will be able to receive credit if they successfully pass their assessment since this free module is also part of the MSc degree.

Course Outline

Session Session Theme Instructor
1 (Brief) History of money Antonis Polemitis
2 The Byzantine Generals’ problem Andreas Antonopoulos
3 Digital currency basics Andreas Antonopoulos
4 Bitcoin in practice – part 1 Andreas Antonopoulos
5 Bitcoin in practice – part 2 Andreas Antonopoulos
6 Blockchain Types Andreas Antonopoulos
7 Cryptocurrrencies Taxonomy Andreas Antonopoulos
8 Cryptocurrency, Financial Institutions
and Central Banking
Antonis Polemitis
9 Regulatory and tax treatment Antonis Polemitis
10 Blockchain and Decentralization George Giaglis
11 Convergence of blockchain with AI and IoT George Giaglis
12 Decentralized Finance (DeFi) George Giaglis
Final Quiz