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Degree Outline

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Program Pathway The student must complete 90 ECTS and all programme requirements. A minimum cumulative grade point average (CPA) of 2.0 is required. Thus, although a ‘D-‘ is a PASS grade, in order to achieve a CPA of 2.0 an average grade of ‘C’ is required. The complete program pathway is as follows: Section: A – Major Requirements [...]

Degree Overview

2021-01-30T22:27:32+02:00September 9th, 2020|Computer Science Website Tabs|

Blockchain Technologies Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this program, the students should be able to: Critically evaluate computer-based systems, processes and programs, and apply theory, practices and tools for their specification, design, implementation and maintenance; Critically analyze and evaluate software solutions from the perspective of software architecture and design patterns; demonstrate initiative and originality [...]

MSc in Computer Science

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The Master degree in Computer Science advances the students’ knowledge in core areas of computer science beyond the undergraduate level and exposes them to current and emerging trends. The program provides an introduction to research within the field while strengthening the candidate’s effective application of computer science methods. The proposed Master degree in Computer Science [...]