The University of Nicosia Blockchain Initiative and Medical School will be holding an exclusive, by invitation only, roundtable event on 16 March, 2018 to consider the future impact of blockchain technology on the Electronic Health Records system.

Government officials, insurance representatives, healthcare professionals, patients and blockchain experts will be among the attending participants.

In addition to the roundtable, expert speakers will explain how blockchain is currently making advancements in the areas of patient data completeness and accuracy, precision medicine, population health, insurance fraud, genomics and ePrescriptions, to name a few.

Moreover, with the EU eHealth Task Force set to redesign health in Europe by 2020, and the radical upcoming data management changes due to the new General Data Protection Regulations, now is the time for Cyprus to drive change rather than have change imposed.

With that decisively in mind, the event will focus on how we can revolutionize the healthcare industry and position Cyprus as a leader in eHealth globally.