September 2020 - UNIC | Blockchain Programs

Degree Outline

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Program Pathway The student must complete 90 ECTS and all programme requirements. A minimum cumulative grade point average (CPA) of 2.0 is required. Thus, although a ‘D-‘ is a PASS grade, in order to achieve a CPA of 2.0 an average grade of ‘C’ is required. The complete program pathway is as follows: Section: A – Major Requirements [...]

Degree Overview

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Blockchain Technologies Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this program, the students should be able to: Critically evaluate computer-based systems, processes and programs, and apply theory, practices and tools for their specification, design, implementation and maintenance; Critically analyze and evaluate software solutions from the perspective of software architecture and design patterns; demonstrate initiative and originality [...]

MSc in Computer Science

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The Master degree in Computer Science advances the students’ knowledge in core areas of computer science beyond the undergraduate level and exposes them to current and emerging trends. The program provides an introduction to research within the field while strengthening the candidate’s effective application of computer science methods. The proposed Master degree in Computer Science [...]

Course Instructors

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Course Instructors CEO, University of Nicosia Mr. Polemitis is co-teaching the introductory MOOC on the programme. Mr. Polemitis is the CEO of the University of Nicosia and also serves as a Director on the coordinating Board of the University. He is an adjunct faculty member and leads the industry advisory [...]

Course Outline

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Course Outline The course is structured into twelve weekly live Q&A sessions and a final exam. Roughly each of the 12 MOOC sessions, represent individual courses in the MSc that dive far deeper into the specific elements that are discussed in the MOOC. During each week, there is a live Q&A session, during which students [...]

Course Overview

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Course Overview Course Objectives The course is designed to provide an introductory understanding of decentralized digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) such as Bitcoin. In particular, the course will survey the theory and principles by which cryptocurrencies operate, practical examples of basic cryptocurrency use, including clients, wallets, transactions. We’ll look at the cryptocurrency ecosystem financial services and discuss [...]


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Free MOOC: Introduction to Digital Currencies DFIN-511: Introduction to Digital Currencies is the first free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology globally, and the first course of the MSc in Digital Currency degree programme. It is available to anyone around the world interested in learning the basics of cryptocurrencies, in [...]