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Top 10 Reasons to Study

  • Largest University in Cyprus
  • Largest University in Southern Europe that Teaches Primarily in English
  • >11,000 Students from 5 Continents
  • #1 in the World for Blockchain and Digital Currency
  • 1st and Largest Medical School in Cyprus
  • 18-Building Modern Urban University Campus
  • Most Preferred Foreign University by Greek Students
  • Leading Regional Programmes in Medicine, Law, International Relations, Architecture and Accounting
  • Largest International Student Community in Cyprus
  • 400+ Student Mobility University Partners
Leaving the United States to attend a medical school halfway across the world in Cyprus was one the scariest and most exciting decisions in my life, and probably one of the best. During my first week, I began my near weekly interaction with patients through clinical and community visits. My professors are all clinicians, who have trained and worked all over the world. And this programme is international in all senses of the word, as most of my classmates are from the UK, Canada, Australia, Israel, Lebanon, Italy, the United States, and more. For me, knowing I can go back and get clinical experience in the States was a very appealing offer, especially when it came to matching for a residency."
Karine De Souza - Class of 2019, USA

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