The Fogify emulator is featured on the European Commission Innovation
Rader ( as a tech-
ready technology with market creation potential.

Fogify is a fog computing emulator for testing data-intensive IoT services
that has been designed by researchers from the University of Cyprus and
Dr. Demetris Trihinas from the University of Nicosia, Artificial Intelligence
Laboratory. Fogify was spawned out of the necessity to access fog and edge
computing testbeds during the design phase of IoT applications.

Fogify has received other awards as well. At the IEEE/ACM Symposium in
Edge Computing 2020, Fogify was awarded with the Best Demo Award,
while during the IEEE/ACM International Conference on the Internet of Things
Design and Implementation (IoTDi) 2022, an extension of Fogify was
awarded with the Best Paper Award.

For more information about Fogify and even try the framework, take a look
at the following resources: