University Affiliated Accommodation

In its constant endeavor to provide the highest possible standards for students, the University of Nicosia has strategically partnered with private halls and flats located near the University.

Important Notice

Off-campus accommodation opportunities, posted on our website, are intended to assist faculty, staff, students and affiliates in their search for housing. We offer no guarantee of condition or quality. All arrangements and leases are between individual tenants and landlords. The tenant and the landlord should fill out a ‘Condition form’ upon moving in and out of the apartment.
If you wish to see the place before signing the contact, we recommend that you come to Cyprus on a weekday and book into an affordable hotel for one night (see the list of hotels here). However, housing applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We offer no guarantee of availability to any accommodation option if is not reserved in advance.
Your reservation deposit is non-refundable if you cancel or modify the dates of your reservation.
This time period must be respected. 

For example: If you move into the apartment after the above mentioned date you must pay the rent for the total period. In the same manner, if you decide for any reason to leave the property before the check out date mentioned above you will still have to pay for the whole of the contracted period.



At present, due to excessive demand, the options offered on our web page are not available anymore.

Please contact the Accommodation Office to be provided with the updated available accommodation options. Many of these options are located a bit further than the ones on our web page, 7 kilometres the farthest. Students can use buses as transportation for commuting to the University Additionally, on the website you can find the bus routes, by inserting the starting point and the finishing point from which you wish to start/end, as well as the time so you can organize your route.


• VP Hostel
Indalo Accommodation Student Residence
• Gabriel Wings
• Lemouz Court
• RL Court
• Colorful Court
• NG Court
• AZ Court 1
• AZ Court 2
• Mirage Residence
• G&L Court
• Philipos Residence
• LI Court
• Nandia Court
TS Court


For information on each of the above housing click here



To download a PDF version of the Accommodation Map, please click here