Welcome to the University of Nicosia Accommodation Office. The accommodation office is part of the Student Affairs Department and our staff will be pleased to assist you in choosing where you will live during the period of time you will attend our University.

The Accommodation Office of the University of Nicosia has built ties with a variety of properties located near the University as well as the wider area.

The website gives students the opportunity to search for available accommodation options, collect information and contacts of several property managers, look through a list of resources available to students living off campus and find advice about issues such as sharing accommodation.
The University has an agreement to the extent that these properties (found on the map) are rented out to the students of the University of Nicosia exclusively via the Accommodation Office, which will assist them through the process. 

PLEASE NOTE: The University of Nicosia accepts lists of accommodations options from landlords for the convenience of its students.  The University does not inspect or check the accommodations listed in any way and takes no responsibility for the condition of any premises listed or for the actions of any landlord who uses the space to advertise accommodations.Therefore we advise you to:

  • Not sign any contracts for accommodation without first inspecting the property
  • Not ask friends to secure accommodation before you arrive.
  • Not pay deposits or send money before physically sighting a property.
  • Not pay money to someone you do not know.


At present, due to excessive demand, the options offered on our web page are not available anymore.

Please contact the Accommodation Office to be provided with the updated available accommodation options. Many of these options are located a bit further than the ones on our web page, 7 kilometres the farthest. Students can use buses as transportation for commuting to the University http://www.osel.com.cy/. Additionally, on the website www.cyprusbybus.com you can find the bus routes, by inserting the starting point and the finishing point from which you wish to start/end, as well as the time so you can organize your route.


Please click HERE to download the Accommodation Memorandum of Understanding.