Hotel and Hospitality Facilities

The University has fully equipped professional kitchen facilities which are used for practical cooking sessions and the technical subjects of the Hospitality (Hotel) Management programme. Classes held in these facilities give students the opportunity to train in real life situations.  Students learn about the practical areas of food service such as kitchen layout and design, menu planning, purchasing procedures, dining room preparation and management, stewarding, storage of foods and beverages, and hygiene standards.  These facilities are also utilized for demonstrations, conducted by executive chefs proactive in the industry.

A professionally-run, 80-seat restaurant, adjacent to the professional kitchen, is open to the public.  This is the ‘Gallery Restaurant’ which serves as a venue for special functions and caters to staff, students, and members of the community.

The University maintains conference and meeting facilities, supplemented by audio/visual equipment, for the training of students and to provide professional service for such events. As a result, students in the Department of Hotel and Tourism have the opportunity to acquire invaluable experience in these facets of their studies.

During summer vacation periods, Hotel and Tourism students undertake employment in the thriving hotel and tourist industry in Cyprus, thus supplementing their education with real hands-on, paid experience.