Computer Center's Regulations

1. University of Nicosia Computer Center 's main objective is to provide service to students, administration and faculty using existing facilities and equipment in the most effective way.

2. University of Nicosia Computer labs are equipped with modern computers, up-to-date software and an Internet connection.

3. In order to use Computer Center facilities effectively all students are:

  • to always have University of Nicosia identification cards. Students who identity cannot be established will not be allowed to use the labs
  • required to abstain from eating, drinking and smoking in the lab
  • absolutely prohibited to:
  1. use the computers for non-academic purpose (i.e. games) without proper authorization
  2. change the configuration of the computer software
  3. install any software without proper authorization
  4. change the hardware configuration (even with a good intention “to fix” the problem).
  • required to notify the lab assistant on duty or the Computer Supervisor, should any problem arise or any change of the system configuration be noticed. Otherwise, he/she will be considered responsible for the above problem.
  • required to contact the Computer Supervisor to make necessary arrangements for installing additional software or hardware. Students are not permitted to perform these tasks themselves without authorization. Only the computer Supervisor is eligible to give such permission.
  • do not to attempt to access University of Nicosia servers without proper authorization and do not use college facilities for hacking sites.
  • required to obey all directions and requests of the Computer Center Lab Assistants and Computer Supervisor. In case a student feels that he/she is treated unfairly he/she may appeal to the Senior Computer Supervisor or to the Campus Director.

4. In order to enforce the above regulations, the following fines and penalties are to be effective immediately:

A: For the violation for 3B, for the first time, a student will be given an oral warning. For the continuous violation of this rule, the student may be disallowed from using the lab for the period of 1 week and/or charged a fine of 17 EURO and 9 cents.

B: For the violation for 3C, 3D and 3G, a student may be charged a fine raging from 17 EURO to 34 EURO and 17 cents and/or disallowed from using the lab for a period from 1 to 2 weeks. In case the violation of the above rules leads to severe damage to the Computer Center facilities or any other severe consequences, the case will be considered by the Disciplinary Committee.

5. In case the decision to recommend the enforcement of a penalty is made on the Discrepancy Report form (signed by the Lecturer of Lab Assistant and Senior Computer Supervisor), two copies of the Report will be forwarded to the Campus Director and the Director of Finance. An appeal by the student may be made to the Campus Director. When the student is chard with a fine, the finance Office will automatically debit the respective Student Account.  

Students are allowed to use WEB Browser, e-mail, and chatting software as well as to create their own home pages, for their own purposes without any authorization. However, they are not allowed to print WEB pages and in case there is a more urgent College need, they will have to stop working immediately to provide the computer utilized, for College activities (projects, assignments, course work, etc). In case they refuse, it can be considered as a violation of 3C or 3G with the consequences described in 4B.