Accreditation & Recognition

All University of Nicosia Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees are accredited by the Republic of Cyprus, following an independent evaluation by the Evaluation Committee for Private Universities (ECPU).

This confirms the status and standard of the University’s degrees within the country and abroad, and is indicative of the quality and standards maintained by the university. Accreditation means that University of Nicosia degrees provide the following key benefits:


The University’s Doctoral, Master and Bachelor Degrees are fully recognized and structured within the framework of the Bologna Accord. The University of Nicosia is a member of the European Universities Association. the European Foundation for Quality Management, Erasmus, and is one of a few universities in the European Union that has received both the Diploma Supplement Label  and the ECTS Label.


The University’s programmes of study are recognized in both the public and private sectors for employment.

Awards and Recognitions

Along the way, the institution has distinguished itself on multiple fronts – earning prestigious awards, such as the United Nations "Global 500" Award, for its contribution in the protection and improvement of the environment; and establishing the first UNESCO Chair in Cyprus, for the promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue.
More recently, the University of Nicosia has become the first University in Cyprus and Greece to reach the EFQM recognition level "Recognized for Excellence - 5 Stars" which is one of the most prestigious awards for organisational excellence and is given to Europe’s best performing companies.
In the forefront of technological developments in educatiom, the university has also received the UNIQUe Certification for Quality in E-learning and Excellence in Use of ICT in Higher Education awarded by the European Foundation for Quality in e-Learning (EFQUEL).
Additionally, the institution has been honoured by the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) with two entrepreneurial Excellence Awards, including the Excellence Award in Educational Services; while it has also been awarded twice with a Gold Medal in Business Ethics Excellence (BEE) by the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN), in recognition of its sound corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.
The University has also been recognized by the European Commission, being awarded with an Erasmus University Charter, while it is one of the very few universities in Europe that hold both the ECTS and the Diploma Supplement (DS) Labels. Moreover, the University of Nicosia is the only non-state university in Cyprus that is a member of the European University Association (EUA).