Scholarships - Financial Aid 2013-2014

The University offers scholarships and financial aid to full-time students, in the form of merit scholarships, need-based assistance, athletics scholarships, and on-campus work-study programmes. All types of scholarships/financial aid available are explained below:
  • Academic Merit Scholarships
  • Athletics Scholarships
  • Need Based Assistance
  • On Campus Work-study Programme
  • Government Subsidy
  • Government Financial Aid Grant (Fititiko Paketo)

Academic Merit Scholarships

1. Based on Previous Performance – High School Scholarships

Students in their first year at the University may be eligible for a scholarship on the basis of the grades of their High School Leaving Certificate.
(a) Scholarships through Lyceums/Technical Schools
The University offers to each Lyceum/Technical School in Cyprus the following scholarships for the first academic year. Applicants must have a High School Leaving Certificate and be nominated by their School.
  • One full scholarship (applicants must have a minimum grade of 19/20 on their High School Leaving Certificate)
  • Five half scholarships (applicants must have a minimum grade of 18/20 on their High School Leaving Certificate)
  • Fifteen partial scholarships that cover 30% of tuition (applicants must have a High School Leaving Certificate and be nominated by their School)
(b) Scholarships based on High School Leaving Certificate
The University offers automatic scholarships to Local/EU students, for the first academic year, according to the following High School grades:
19,50 and above
19,00 – 19,49
18,50 – 18,99
18,00 – 18,49



For further information on academic merit scholarships to International (Non EU) students, please contact the Office of Admissions.

2. Based on Academic Performance at the University

Two regular semesters after the student first registers and every semester thereafter, scholarships will be awarded according to the student’s performance at the University, as follows:
Cumulative GPA


In order to be eligible for this type of scholarship, students must have:
  1. full-time status,
  2. completed a minimum of 30 credits at the University and
  3. been registered in the previous semester

Athletics Scholarships

Due to the decrease in tuition, these scholarships range from 5% to 40% for the current academic year 2013/2014. Both the tuition and scholarships/discounts have not been decided yet for the next academic year 2014/2015.

Early Payment Discount

All EU students (i.e. those that do not require a student visa) who pre-pay the whole amount of their semesters’ tuition and fees by the last day of the Add/Drop period (i.e. 2 weeks after classes commence for normal semesters and 1 week for Summer session), are entitled to an early payment discount of 4%. The discount is calculated on the net tuition (i.e. after the deduction of any scholarships/discounts they may have).

Need-Based Assistance

Need-based assistance is given in the form of a discount, to Local/EU students only, regardless of academic performance, as follows:
  1. Students who come from large families (4 children or more) are eligible for a 10% discount.
  1. Families who have, during the same semester, more than one child as students at the University, are eligible for a 10% discount for each child.
  1. Students who face substantial financial problems. In such cases the amount of the discount will depend on the student’s demonstrated need for assistance. Students interested in this type of financial aid must complete the "Application for Scholarship/Financial Aid" and submit it to the Finance Department. This type of aid may be valid for one semester, for one academic year or for the whole duration of the student’s programme.

On Campus Work-Study Programme

A limited number of part-time, on-campus internships  are available to students who have demonstrated exceptional potential in extra-curricular activities and academic performance. Students are compensated in the form of tuition discount. Available internships are announced at the beginning of every semester and details are posted on the main board of the University and the intranet.


  1. Scholarships are not applicable to postgraduate programmes (PhD, MBA/MA), Primary Education, Pre-primary Education, Graphic Communication, programmes offered in cooperation with British Universities, other fees and summer tuition
  2. Students who are eligible for more than one type of Scholarships/Financial Aid will be awarded the scholarship or discount constituting the highest amount (i.e. reductions cannot be added)

Government Subsidy (Φοιτητική Χορηγία)

Cypriot students are entitled to apply for the government subsidy (Φοιτητική Χορηγία) which is paid at the end of the academic year; the subsidy is granted on the basis of family income and property, with a maximum amount of €2,565 or €3,420 (students from large families, 3 children or more), depending on the status of the student (full-time, part-time).  EU citizens who are permanent residents in Cyprus and some non-Cypriots and non-EU citizens may also be entitled to apply if they satisfy some criteria.
Details about the government subsidy and eligibility criteria can be found in the attachment (in Greek) HERE.

Government Financial Aid Grant (Φοιτητικό Πακέτο)

The Republic of Cyprus sponsors part of the student’s living expenses, etc, based on the socioeconomic criteria of the student’s family (i.e. income per capita, etc). All EU undergraduate students are eligible to apply for this type of grant at the beginning of each academic year. The following types of grant were offered to students who were approved by the government during the academic year 2013-2014:
Maximum Yearly Allowance
Food allowance (€7 x 156 days)
Accommodation (€150 x 12 months)
University textbooks
Purchase of computer (new students only)